Danila Kozlovsky’s new film ‘Dubrovsky’ will be at the ‘Window into Europe’ film festival


Danila’s new film ‘Dubrovsky’ will be the closing film of the ‘Window into Europe’ film festival in Russia. This event takes place from the 8th to 15th of August.  It is based on the novel ‘Dubrovsky’ by Alexander Pushkin.

Vladimir Dubrovsky is a young nobleman whose land is confiscated by a greedy and powerful aristocrat, Kirila Petrovitch Troekurov. Determined to get justice one way or another, Dubrovsky gathers a band of serfs and goes on the rampage, stealing from the rich and giving to the poor. Along the way, Dubrovsky falls in love with Masha, Troekurov’s daughter, and lets his guard down, with tragic results.

Updated: A press conference for ‘Dubrovsky’ will be held in ‘Druzjba (Hotel Druzhba)’ from 10:00 to 11:45 am. On the same day, the movie will be screened at 7:00pm in a ‘Vyborg Palace hotel cinema.’ No official word yet on whether Danila is expected to attend.

Source: Twitter//Kapsya72 | Wikipedia


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