FilmPro’s EXCLUSIVE interview with Danila about ‘Dubrovsky’

Danila had an exclusive interview with FilmPro about ‘Dubrovsky.’ the modern day interpretation of Alexander Pushkin’s classic novel.

Do you think you can call your character in “Dubrovsky” the “hero of our time”?
I do not always understand what the “hero of our time” means when i’m asked this question. I was often questioned about the same thing when the movie “Soulless” came out. I believe that they are the investigation of our time. By interacting, they show their own human qualities – both the best and the worst ones. My character in “Dubrovsky” is 25 years old and a successful lawyer. Because of family difficulties, he finds himself in a very different Russia, which has a very superficial view. He goes through further developments, changing his view of life and the country itself.

What is the target audience of the film?
“Dubrovsky” can appeal to any audience.

When people talk about movies, it is observed that they often aren’t as deep as the script (primary sources). Do you think that shooting the movies are a noble deed?
The movies have nothing wrong. If the owners are trying to find a piece of something relevant, topical, necessary for the present, in the scripts – it is so noble!
First, a reminder of the existence of a classic work is very important. Second, it’s called “classic” because it’s always modern, in tune with the present. Another thing – a matter of style, taste and ideas of the movie.

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Today, classics, world bestsellers and biographies of prominent people are often filmed. In your opinion, is this due to a lack of new stories?
It depends on the motives of the directors. For some people, the filming of something is a dream. Someone else is doing it because he can’t find better stories. And about Vampire Academy, in which I played, this is truly an international bestseller, appealing to filmmakers.
At the same time, an ideological crisis exists, of course. The number of good scripts is never enough, but it doesn’t mean that they aren’t there! I really read scripts of Russian authors before and I can assure you that there are very interesting stories!

What are your plans for the future?
Part of the plans I can’t talk about because of promises and commitments, but there is one very interesting and ambitious project called “Viking” directed by Andrei Kravchuk. Pre-production has been underway for a long time and hopefully filming will begin in February 2014. This movie is dedicated to not only the Vikings, but also Prince Vladimir, the Red Sun.

You play very different, sometimes diametrically opposite to character who are heroes. Can we say this approach is your strategy?
I think it’s the strategy of any artist – to choose a fundamentally different role to develop and to not stand still. Further is a matter of luck, people’s desire to work with you and to offer you these “different” roles.

Would you like to play a villain?
You won’t find an actor who wouldn’t want to play a villain. In 90% of the cases, it is more an attractive goodie. But I don’t want to play a “silly” villain. I’m interested in complex, three-dimensional, well-composed negative characters.

Souce: KozlovskyBrazil | FilmPro


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