VA Quote It: Photo #1 (Rose and Dimitri)


We are so excited to be hosting ‘VA Quote It,’ a segment that will come out every Tuesday . Every week, there will be a photo of the week that fansites will need to guess the quote that they think belongs to the still and why they chose it. They also have the opportunity to guess which scene the photo comes from. For week 1, we are happy to announce that Her Royal Guardian, VampireAcademyAusFans of VA and our own team will be joining us.

Photo #1 (Rose and Dimitri)

 Our Discussion (Guardian Oath): 

 Quote:  “Rose, I’m seven years older than you. In ten years, that won’t mean much, but for now, it’s huge. I’m  an adult. You’re a child.” 

 Describe the quote chosen:
 In this photo, you can clearly see that Rose and Dimitri are both having an intense conversation judging by the way they look at each other. I feel like Dimitri towers over Rose and he is desperately trying to convince her or get her to do something. Except, it seems like Rose is not having any of it and she’s facing this situation head on.

Which scene do you think this still belongs to?
The scene when Dimitri is telling Rose to report him because of what happened in his room while Rose was wearing the lust charm necklace. The conversation escalades with him fervently trying to convince Rose that he does not return her feelings and that she shouldn’t even think of him in this way.

a600cc04fda469eec7b9afc6966f6c52 Her Royal Guardian’s Discussion: 

 Dimitri: “Rose, if you know something, tell me. We’re on the same side. We both want to protect her.”
 Rose: “Yeah, it is serious. It’s all serious. And you have me doing laps everyday when I should be learning to  fight and defend her! If you want to help her, then teach me something! Teach me how to fight. I already know how to run away.”

Describe the quote chosen:
Rose has just run to Lissa, who found the dead fox in her room. Rose covers for Lissa, knowing that she would of tried to heal it. When Kirova order Rose to go back to her dorm, Dimitri suspects that Rose knows something about it, and pleads for Rose to tell him. Rose reacts in frustration over only running laps during training, feeling helpless and unable to protect Lissa.

– Read more of what scene HRG think it’s from and also VampireAcademyAus and Fans of VA’s Discussion under the break –

Which scene do you think this still belongs to?
I debated over which scene this photo could be from: the one I quoted above, or the scene after Dimitri walks in on Rose and Jesse making out. In the end, I decided on this quote because of the look Rose and Dimitri are giving each other. They have that student-teacher look going on; Dimitri is clearly telling Rose off about something and Rose is clearly pissed off. Really it could fit for either scene, but to me, Rose’s look is more of respect for Dimitri as a Guardian and her mentor. She’s not really thinking about him in a crush/romantic sort of way in this scene, but in the Jesse scene she’s starting too.

 VampireAcademyAus’ Discussion:

 Quote: Dimitri: You’re seventeen, and in less than a year, someone’s life and death will be in your hands.”

 Describe the quote chosen:
 Judging from Dimitri’s face in the still, he seems like he’s talking about something serious and sensitive.  He has a gentleness in his face, and Rose seems to have a passive reaction to what he’s saying as opposed to being defensive.

Which scene do you think this still belongs to?
I think this is the scene where Dimitri is somewhat lecturing Rose about her actions right after he walks in on her and Jesse making out on the lounge. In the scene he shares his sad memory of Ivan Zeklos and talks about the responsibilities of a guardian and that’s when he says the quote.

 Fans of VA’s Discussion: 


Quote: Dimitri: ‘It only happened because of the spell. Do you understand?’

Describe the quote chosen:
This still seems to reflect this particular scene because they seem to have a not so nice conversation. And Rose wears a jacket. I thought it could be two other scenes but in these scenes, she is inside so there would be no need for a jacket while here she comes from outside. It could also be the quotes from before this one but here, Rose seems to have recovered and is trying to stay strong.

Which scene do you think this still belongs to?
The scene right after the lust charm and the rescue, when Rose comes out from the hospital and meets Dimitri.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s ‘VA Quote It.’ We had so much fun writing this and the fansites are also currently getting ready to do Photo #2 for next week…hmm, what still will it be?

If you have a fansite that allows you to post on it, you are more than welcome to join VA Quote It. Please email for more details.


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