Chapter By Chapter: VA Chapter 1

We are thrilled to be joining Her Royal Guardian’s Chapter By Chapter book to movie discussion series. Here is our analysis of Chapter 1.

Vampire Academy: Chapter 1


The first line of the Vampire Academy punches you in immediately, ‘I felt her fear before I heard her screams,’ so I would imagine that they would somehow incorporate this line in the movie.

I like how you can see Rose and Lissa’s strong relationship from the very beginning. I think it’s a very beautiful way to show their friendship and to show that Rose is the one Lissa will always lean on. This is one of the most important establishments of the whole series so I’m looking forward to seeing how they portray it in the movie. Of course, Mark and Dan Waters are directors of ‘Mean Girls’ and would make this scene hilariously funny, evident by that small snippet of Lissa drinking Rose’s blood in the trailer and her comment afterwards.

Personally, I do think the scene with Jeremy is ‘unnecessary’ for the movie and therefore, eliminating the need for Lissa to use compulsion. But on the other hand, compulsion isn’t hard to express visually and they only need an extra for this scene so there’s 50% chance that it will be in the movie.

The arrival of Dimitri Belikov will be enhanced, I think. As he is Rose’s main love interest, there needs to be an intense introduction of him and this is partly shown in the trailer when you see him walking away from strigoi bodies and raging fire with his ‘famous’ leather duster.

Remember how I said that Rose and Lissa’s friendship is very strong? I really do think the movie will focus on their relationship in the beginning and there will be a chase scene when Rose and Lissa find out they’re being watched by someone and during this scene, we will see more of their friendship as they struggle to urge each other to not give up and to watch Rose protect Lissa at all costs.


1. “Rose…what are we going to do if they catch us?” – Lissa Dragomir
2. “Leave her alone, Don’t touch her.”- Rose Hathaway
3. “My name is Dimitri Belikov, I’ve come to take you back to St. Vladimir’s Academy, Princess.” – Dimitri Belikov

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