Interviews with Vampire Academy Director ‘Mark Waters’


EW recently interviewed the VA Director, Mark Waters.

Best friends bonded by an ancient tradition — one a full vampire who ranks pretty high on the food chain, the other a half human, half vampire bound to protect her — and a prep school filled with the usual teenage dramas with a twist: You must fight to survive.

Does this sound like Twilight? We didn’t think so.

Although the film features our favorite fanged friends, the Vampire Academy series is a totally new take on the vampire legend — and a fresh face in the competitive world of movies based on YA novels. Director Mark Waters talked to EW about his 2013 film and how it will set itself apart in a crowded landscape.

Twilight was about a naive person who knew nothing of a certain world, basically discovering that this world existed and totally being indoctrinated into it and falling in love with a vampire, which is interesting,” Waters said. “It’s also different from Harry Potter in that sense. This is about two people who are deeply embedded in this world, and the audience is the one who is taking the journey of being transported and learning about it for the first time while the characters are deeply, deeply in it and trying to just live and survive day to day within this world.”

Waters also told moviegoers to get the image of brooding vampire teens out of their heads: These characters aren’t all doom and gloom.

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Page to Premiere, Fangirlish and YAH also interviewed Mark Waters.

We’re all very excited about Vampire Academy. There are so many YA movies coming out and there’s the pressure of succeeding or failing. What attracted you to Vampire Academy and what made you put your belief into this project?

It was weird, but I kind of came into it through my brother. My brother was approached to write the screenplay and when he started to talk about the story and talk about this lead character of Rose and the interesting connection he had with Lissa, I found myself getting intrigued. Then, the producer separately came to me and sent me the books and when I read the books I realized, well quite frankly I read a lot of YA fiction myself anyway and when I read Vampire Academy, I was very struck that I liked this lead character.

She wasn’t an innocent. Most of the time when you meet these people, they don’t know anything about the supernatural world and they are brought into this world and you learn about it through their eyes. They are basically these virginal innocents and I loved the fact that Rose wasn’t that. Rose was somebody who was already deeply embedded in the world and wasn’t a sweet, naïve, or shy creature. If anything, she was somebody who was rambunctious and pertinent, funny, subversive, and I liked everything about that energy.

My brother’s screenplay frankly was the thing that put me over the edge. He was able to stay very loyal to the books, but make something the even amped up the humor and wit that is already there in Richelle’s book. I think he took it and put it on steroids. That also got me very excited by it.

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Source: EW | PagetoPremiere


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