Zoey Deutch on MTV’s VMA All Access Vampire Academy panel + Screencaps

‘Zoey Deutch and Josh Horowitz after the VA Panel’ via @ZoeyDeutch

Zoey Deutch was on the MTV’s VMA All Access Vampire Academy panel with Josh Horowitz for 30 mins and she talked about filming Vampire Academy, Danila, her friendship with Lucy and much more. We have transcribed some of the things she said:

Directors and Producers took @ZoeyDeutch for Lunch and told her she got cast as Rose in the VA Movie
.@ZoeyDeutch: I feel very close to Rose.
.@ZoeyDeutch: The movie is very very beautiful
About the Dimitri walking scene in the trailer: When Dimitri first walks towards Rose, that’s where she first meets him. (@ZoeyDeutch)
‘She slays it, she takes it for dinner, she is awesome’ – @ZoeyDeutch on @Sarah_Hyland as Natalie.
On Dimitri/Rose lust scene: “He’s so hot and steamy. And he was very respectful of me during this time.”
“Danila who plays Dimitri, everyone should be more like him. He is one of the greatest people I’ve ever met.” – @ZoeyDeutch
“I felt like he was my best friend. He is an amazing person” – @ZoeyDetuch on Danila
Favorite Scene: “Dimitri and I walking back from training. It was a scene where the camera was very far away so it felt natural.” – Zoey
.@ZoeyDeutch: Lucy is my best friend now. I talk to her everyday.
Can you describe your relationship with Danila in one word? “I am in love” – @ZoeyDeutch
Rose’s style? Badass, very cool. Lots of black pants and leather jackets.
.@ZoeyDeutch stole some sweatpants from the #VA set because she couldn’t take anything with her.
“She is so sweet and so lovely. It was surreal.” – @ZoeyDeutch on @RichelleMead
.@ZoeyDeutch finished the 1st and 2nd VA book and is currently reading the 3rd.

Starts at 1:08

Thanks DhampirLife

Screencaps under the break.



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