Chapter by Chapter: Chapter 2 discussion of Vampire Academy

We are thrilled to join Her Royal Guardian again for this week’s Chapter by Chapter where we discuss Chapter 2 of Vampire Academy. It is a weekly discussion between fansites about the first VA book and the movie. If you haven’t read this book, beware as there might be SPOILERS.

Our Discussion:

In this chapter, you get the sense that anything the ‘Russian guy,’ says will frustrate Rose to no end. Even while sitting on a plane, high above the clouds and separated from her best friend, she is still plotting their escape. Except, she does figure out that it’s useless since there is no way they could safely get off.

During the plane ride, we can see a little more of Lissa’s abilities. I think the scene has to be put in the movie because it is a great way to slowly introduce Lissa’s abilities bit by bit. This scene also introduces the beginning of a relationship from Rose and Dimitri. Although not much, I really love the way a badass guardian like Dimitri, who has killed so many strigoi, comments on Rose’s braveness. Rose is someone who very much likes to stay in control. Making witty and sarcastic jokes is part of her personality and I believe that Mark Waters would include something that would makes us laugh when Rose and Lissa walks back into St Vladimir’s during Breakfast time, where everybody is watching.

In the next scene, the classes of Moroi and Dhampir are now clearly defined. Although we know that Rose ran away with Lissa to protect her, no one else seems to believe it and blames her. While Lissa is welcomed back with open arms, Rose is not. This is an interesting dynamic because the audience would get a chance to see how each race ranks amongst others. Rose is so grateful for the intervention of Dimitri who has realized that her and Lissa share a bond, decide to give her another chance stating that she has potential since she managed to stay alive the two years they were on the run. Again, it is building the relationship of Rose and Dimitri, so it is vital to the movie.

Must have quotes:
1. “Doing that…protecting her like that–it was very brave. Stupid, but still brave. Why did you even try it?” – Dimitri
2. I glanced over at him, brushing my hair out of my face so I could look him levelly in the eye. “Because I’m her guardian.”
3. “She might be wild and disrespectful, but if she has potential–“ – Dimitri

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