Penguin Teen Australia: VA Cast Competition Winners + Info on Lucy Fry’s response video

“In news almost too awesome to be true, we can FINALLY reveal the winners of our Vampire Academy Movie Cast Competition! A mega congrats to Stephanie O, Kathleen M, Zachary C, Brooke F and Kiana S for having their questions chosen to be answered by VA cast members. We’ll be revealing each answer ever day next week and we’re kicking it off with Aussie Princess Lucy Fry on Monday at 12 noon. It’s a VA PARTY WEEK!” – via PenguinTeenAus
To find out more about what the VA Cast Competition was about, check back to their original post HERE.
Our friends at DhampirLife has kindly worked out the timezones for the release of Lucy’s filmed response:
Timezones for Monday, September 2 (Sydney, Australia time):
Los Angeles – 7PM (Sunday, September 1)
New York – 10PM (Sunday, September 1)
Vancouver, Canada – 7PM (Sunday, September 1)
Toronto, Canada – 10PM (Sunday, September 1)
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – 11PM (Sunday, September 1)
London, UK – 3AM (Monday, September 2)
Paris, France – 4AM (Monday, September 2)
Berlin, Germany – 4AM (Monday, September 2)
Greece – 5AM (Monday, September 2)
Moscow, Russia – 6AM (Monday, September 2)
Western Australia – 10:45 AM (Monday, September 2)
We’re so excited to find out what the winners has asked the VA cast and a huge congratulations to them.

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