Information on Danila Kozlovsky’s film ‘Downshifter’

The lovely people over on Kozlovsky Brazil has an article on Danila’s new movie, ‘Downshifter.’

Thanks Alex Lazarevskaya for this article on one of Danila’s new projects called Downshifter (2014) Hope you enjoy knowing more about this film.

DOWNSHIFTERDirector: Roman Prygunov
Screenwriter: Denis Rodimin
Producers: Fyodor Bondarchuk, Peter Anurov
Production: “Art Pictures Studio”
Genre: Adventure, Social Drama
Year: 2014
The premiere is scheduled for the end of 2014
The main role: Max Andreev (by Danila Kozlovsky)

The subject of the film:

The main character tries to escape from the bustle of the city. He leaves on the Paradise island of the Southeast Asia, where is warm and calm, there is not someone hurting, and everything’s fine. But the circumstances are such that he had to go back to Russia. He thinks he’ll solve all the problems in two weeks and will go back, but when he’s faced with an injustice, resistance, he begins to fight, of course, wins and stays in Russia forever.

A little about the film:

This is not a sequel of “SOULLESS”, and it is a different movie. The authors just took the main character from “Soulless” and transfered him in the 2010s. Fedor Bondarchuk and his team with Danila will try to tell a new story, a new style, but on similar themes of a person’s choices in a new reality. The budget of the movie is about 135 million rubles. Shooting will begin in October-November this year. The release is scheduled for the end of 2014.

Recall, April 2013 Fedor Bondarchuk in the program Cinema In Details at the meeting with Danila hinted about some of their joint grandiose project, which at that time couldn’t be discussed. It is now clear what Bondarchuk meant. via KozlovskyBR

This movie sounds interesting! We can’t wait until it comes out. Let’s hope the DVD will be released with English Subtitles!


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