VA Quote It: Photo #3 (Rose and Kirova)

This week, we have Her Royal GuardianVampire Academy Australia Fans of Vampire Academy,  Red Carpet Endings and VA Worldwide News joining ‘VA Quote It.’ It is a weekly feature where fansites have to guess the quote that matches the still and describe which scene they think matches it.

Photo #3 (Rose and Headmistress Kirova)

 Our Discussion (Guardian Oath): 

“You, Miss Hathaway, broke the most sacred promise among our kind: the promise of a guardian to protect a Moroi. It is a great trust. A trust that you violated by selfishly taking the princess away from here.”

 Describe the quote chosen:
In this scene, it feels like it’s around the time that Rose gets dragged back to St Vlad’s along with Lissa and she’s getting a lecture from Headmistress Kirova, who dislikes Rose because she thinks Rose is irresponsible and would not be able to be a true guardian because of this. The use of the word ‘You’ implies a forceful meaning, so that’s when I think Kirova grabs her by her chin. Once Kirova voices her bad opinions out loud, Rose gets angry and defensive while still trying to protect Lissa, therefore, that is why she looks like she’ll snap at Kirova as the glare can be felt even from an outside point of view.

Which scene do you think this still belongs to?
I think this scene is when Rose goes to meet Kirova after returning back to St Vladimir’s.

u Fans of Vampire Academy’s Discussion:

Quote: Miss Hathaway is expendable. She doesn’t deserve to be a guardian, and she will leave.

Describe the quote chosen:
I think this scene takes place when Kirova lectures Rose on breaking guardian rules and is threatening her to send her away because she is expendable. Rose is wearing her jacket so it’s definitely when she is back. Besides, Kirova seems angry! But it might also happen after the Kirova desk scene, who knows? It’s probably the return scene, though; the fact Kirova is touching Rose’s face is making it all more threatening towards Rose but Rose is definitely defiant here.

Which scene do you think this still belongs to?
Rose and Lissa’s return to school and are lectured by Headmistress Kirova.

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 Vampire Academy Australia’s Discussion:

 Kirova: “ Miss Hathaway,” she hissed, “you are out of line.”

Describe the quote chosen:
 I chose this quote because you see in the teaser that Kirova snarls at Rose while she’s sitting down.  I think this still is a part of that scene.

Which scene do you think this still belongs to?
I think this belongs to the scene in chapter 2 of the book, when they arrive back to St. Vladimir’s after being captured. Head mistress Kirova and Rose are having a heated debate regarding whether she will be sent away and be refused as a guardian. Rose responds with “Or maybe you’re going to try and send me off to be a blood whore.” And I think that’s when Kirova holds her by the face, baring her fangs and says the quote.

 Her Royal Guardian’s Discussion:

Rose: “Or maybe you’re going to try to send me off to be a blood whore. Try that, and we’ll be gone by the end of the day.”

Describe the quote chosen:
This quote is from the scene in chapter 2 when Lissa and Rose have to go to Kirova’s office after Dimitri brings them back to St. Vlad’s. It is clear in this still that Kirova is intimidating Rose and Rose, being Rose, is standing strong against her.

Which scene do you think this still belongs to?
This still is a tricky one to work out because from what we’ve seen in the trailer, Kirova looks to be portrayed differently in the movie. I think that this is from one of 2 scenes: the scene in Kirova’s office after Rose and Lissa return to St Vlads, or the scene where Rose asks Kirova if she can have a pass to go the church. I’m leaning more towards the latter, and I think this part has been to added to embellish Kirova’s character and make her even more intimidating

Red Carpet Ending’s Discussion:

Kirova: “You, Miss Hathaway, broke the most sacred promise among our kind: the promise of a guardian to protect a Moroi. It is a great trust. A trust that you violated by selfishly taking the princess away from here. The Strigoi would love to finish off the Dragomirs; you nearly enabled them to do it.”

Describe the quote chosen:
I chose this quote because it seemed to be the one to fit the image most appropriately. Kirova is very obviously extremely angry and getting all up in Rose’s face. I can’t really think of another moment in the book would better fit the image.

Which scene do you think this still belongs to?
The first scene that came to mind when I saw this image is the scene when Rose and Lissa are taken back to the Academy and marched into Headmistress Kirova’s office. Head Mistress Kirova is pretty pissed off that Rose “kidnapped” the Princess and in doing so exposed her to the danger of a Strigoi attack. I can see why she would be so angry.

The whole fact that the girls made it off of the Academy grounds in the first place makes her seem a bit incompetent. Not to mention the fact that the girls were able to stay hidden for two years. I can only imagine the heat that the Queen would have brought down on Kirova her for “allowing” the escape to happen in the first place. It must have been really hard not to get more physical than just squeezing Rose’s face and lecturing her. I can totally see Dimitri or Lissa stepping in at the sight of Kirova getting in Rose’s face and saying something to distract her from her aggressive behavior towards Rose. I’m really looking forward to this scene.

VA Worldwide News’ Discussion:

Kirova: “I wasn’t aware you had any religious needs.” 

Describe the quote chosen:
Rose and Headmistress Kirova are keeping a not so peaceful conversation in Kirova’s office.

Which scene do you think this still belongs to?
The still might be coming from chapter six, when Rose visits Kirova’s office to ask her for permission to attend mass on Sundays. We believe the scene might have been extended. In the teaser trailer, we see Rose with a laptop hiding under Kirova’s desk while she was trying to feed off a feeder on top of that said desk. We think the opening scene of chapter six might have been extended, after Kirova gives Rose permission to attend mass, she then threatens her telling her that she knows she’s been spying on her and tells her to stop or something along those lines.

We hope you enjoyed this weeks’ VA Quote It. Which still are you hoping we’ll discuss next week? 


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