Chapter by Chapter: VA Chapter 3 Discussion

We’re thrilled to be joining in again for Her Royal Guardian’s Chapter by Chapter Discussion. This week we’re discussing chapter 3.   


Chapter 3 Discussion

In this chapter, we meet Mason Ashford, one of Rose’s closest guy friends, someone who is also training to be a guardian when he graduates. What Rose doesn’t know yet, is that Mason harbours romantic feelings for her. It is important that in the movie, particularly this scene, that there should be some indication that he is secretly in love with Rose as Mason might-might not be having much screen time in the movie. You can tell that Rose is comfortable and has a wild streak in her by the way she talks, makes jokes and just the general way she seems to hold a rooms’ attention.

The first– or second thing that happens to Rose when she gets back is getting her butt kicked in Guardian combat class. In the movie, this can probably be shown in a comical way as she gets beaten at fighting over and over again. At this point in the book, even her close friends don’t believe she has the ability to graduate because of her two years away, so the fact that Dimitri was willing to take this chance means he sees something in her that is maybe resonating with him.

Then there’s Stan Alto. The instructor whose disdain of Rose makes him taunt her in front of the class, humiliating her in front of guardians and students alike by lecturing her on safety of the Moroi. This scene would be good in the movie because it shows the audience that Strigoi are not to be messed with and that in the grand scheme of things, Dhampirs are dispensable, but the Moroi would always be the most powerful and vital race in this world.

The next part of this chapter is where Victor Dashkov comes in play by asking Rose seemingly innocent questions about the bond between Rose and Lissa. I think this scene in the movie will stick with the book in the way that we didn’t know what he was really asking until the very end of the book.

Must have quotes:
1. “Hey Mason, wipe the drool off your face. If you’re going to think about me naked, do it on your own time.” – Rose
2. “You’re putting in extra time with Belikov?” “Yeah, so what?” “So the man is a god.” – Mason and Rose
3. “That’s not true. I watched her. She’s still alive, isn’t she?” – Rose

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