Tribuna: Interview with Danila Kozlovsky on ‘Dubrovsky’ and ‘Vampire Academy’

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The first public screening of the film Dubrovsky was held at the Window Into Europe festival in Vyborg. The main character was played by Danila Kozlovsky, the most in demand today. Along with the crew, he came to Vyborg to present the film. Our correspondent took advantage of this moment and interviewed the artist.

You said that you value each of your work. The film “Dubrovsky” raises acute and topical themes. Why did you interest exactly an experience of work in this movie?
Action of Pushkin’s story moved to our time. I came across a little classical literature in this refraction. And for us it was important to bring in a movie what is happening now. Life itself has become the main material for this film.

The nature of your character has undergone dramatic changes from the classic Dubrovsky?
Yes, it is quite different from Pushkin’s hero. This is a young, successful lawyer 27 years old, who is caught up in a cycle of dramatic events. And they completely changed his life, his view of the world, including of the modern Russia. We allowed ourselves, so to speak, assign Pushkin’s “Dubrovsky”. But if we talk about the main topics of plot twists, we managed to somehow keep it all. Pushkin’s “Dubrovsky” just perfectly “sat down” in our reality.

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Danila, you are a great theater actor and you work with an outstanding master, Lev Dodin. We know how carefully and thoroughly he rehearses with the artists. Do you have the option of free artistic expression or is it a rigorous production process?
It depends on the director, the script and the atmosphere on set. I’ve had a few experiences of working with directors who can be called dictators. They don’t allow anything to offer artists know exactly what they want and run by artists like dolls. I therefore have difficulties because I don’t like this method. In “Dubrovsky” we are with the directors and Sasha Vartanova Cyril Mikhanovskiy are, I think, in the dialogue. They allow artists to co-author – writing, to experiment, to improvise. We came up with some of the scenes just a couple of hours before the shooting. In this sense, I’m very grateful to the guys, because It’s so easier and more interesting.

Now you’re in a Hollywood project in an unusual form of vampire warrior. Tell us what interested you in this stuff?
I’ve always wanted to work in Hollywood and never hid. I’m glad that I have the opportunity to try a different environment, and I will do so on the basis of their principles, their education, understanding some things and regulations. In fact, this film adaptation of vampires by the American writer Richelle Mead’s “Vampire Academy”, is, in some circles, recognized as a cult book. Of course, the hero is attractive because for the first time in a long time, a Russian character is shown not as the enemy, but as a positive character. In this story, a wonderful story, the love line is a great space for the implementation of the actor, not to mention the fact that the project is ambitious, and American filmmakers are too. Let’s see what happens in the end.

Thank you so much to KozlovskyBrazil for translating this interview. Click HERE for the original post on KozlovskyBrazil



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