Comic Book Resources: Interview with VA graphic novel artist Emma Vieceli + Shadow Kiss Previews



Vieceli recently spoke to Comic Book Resources about her busy schedule, how she works and offers an exclusive look at the next “Vampire Academy” graphic novel, “Shadow Kiss.”

The reason for that is because you’re also drawing the “Vampire Academy” graphic novels. You mentioned before that you just finished the third book. It’s a very different series from “Avalon Chronicles.”
Completely different. I’m a big advocate of the idea that comics should be about anything for everyone and that there’s no limit to comics. You can do comics about anything in the world. I’ve done so many varied projects and I like shifting things up. At the time when I started on “Vampire Academy,” I had just come off doing my own children’s series, “My Little Pony” and “Manga Shakespeare,” so vampires was something I hadn’t done before. I got approached by Rob Valois at Penguin who I’d known from years back at Tokyopop. I entered the Rising Stars of Manga competition a very long time ago. I was kind of awful then. [Laughs] Rob was one of the judges that year and I got into the final book and so it was nice that six years later he reached out to me and said there’s this book series. He sent me the books by Richelle Mead and I absolutely fell in love with them. They were not what I expected at all. So good. It’s a really good series. I think by the time I finished the third book with tears running down my face I was like, I want to draw this!

Now that you’ve finished “Shadow Kiss,” are you drawing the next three “Vampire Academy” books?
I don’t know. I was contracted for the first three. At this stage we’ve only just finished “Shadow Kiss” and they’re working on the film at the moment. I was on set a couple weeks ago and it was just amazing. I got to meet several of the actors. I got to hug living versions of characters I’d drawn and met Gabriel Byrne as he was on set that day, which was really cool. That’s coming out next February and the “Shadow Kiss” graphic novel is coming out in December and we’ll see how it goes. I love the stories and there’s lots more stuff in that series that I want to draw and a lot more characters I haven’t been able to draw yet. We’ll see how they do. In the meantime I’m trying not to think about it too much. Because I knew “Shadow Kiss” was coming to an end and I didn’t know for certain what was going to happen with the series after that, I leapt on an offer from Walker to do the “Alex Rider” books with Antony Johnston, who I’d wanted to work with for a while.

I take it your life isn’t getting any less busy anytime soon?
I know. Every time I finish something I say, “Well, now things will start to calm down.” A few years back when Oni first approached me about “Avalon” it was incredible because at the time I didn’t know what I was going to do next. I don’t regret doing that because it’s a great series, but at the same time, the “Vampire Academy” deal came through so I was signed for a four book series and a three book series at the same time. Then “Alex Rider” was two books. My big thing at the moment is I’m just really desperate to do original stuff. I want to get on to telling my own stories as well. So many comics, so little time.



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