Danila Kozlovsky in ‘InStyle Man’ Magazine HD (Photoshoot + Interview)


It seems his career took off like a fast missile. After the very successful Russian movies Soulless and Legend No. 17, Danila played a major role in Hollywood melodrama Vampire Academy. All tipped to this film resounding success as such as the “Twilight Saga”. On the eve of his transformation into a star, the actor told InStyle Man magazine what changes have occurred in his life in New York city and about their clothing style in London.

Thought negligence is the definition that comes to mind when someone asks you to describe Danila in a nutshell. He looks slightly bedraggled as he opens the door for me. Recently, Kozlovsky returned from London. There he starred in Hollywood movie Vampire Academy and had two months to wear long hair. But immediately after the shooting, he became a monk and back (Yes!) was his style of elaborated negligence.

On the floor of his apartment lie carelessly scattered disks. Danila can’t choose the necessary accompaniment to our conversation, first he puts play disc on the soundtrack of the TV series “Mad Men” but then he changed it to Frank Sinatra. It also doesn’t last long and as a result, he opted for the Broadway musical “Once”. He loves this musical. he watched it three times in New York and twice in London. Now Danila dreams of “Once” for Russia.

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You in the main role, of course?
 I ask a stupid question. The answer is obvious: Danila knows all the arias of the simple Irish guy who repairs vacuum cleaners and dreams of a musical career. Danila is answering the questions and treating me with Polish plum brandy and all the time singing songs and commenting on the next songs.

“Once” with Kozlovsky will necessarily happen, but in the distant future. In the near future we will see two premieres. In November, romantic Dubrovsky in a modern statement of Pushkin’s story. February, an even more romantic mentor of Vampire Academy, Dimitri Belikov and this premiere will be a major event.

The cycle of the “Vampire Academy” books by American writer Richelle Mead is not less popular among romance fantasy fans than the “Twilight Saga” by Stephenie Meyer. Currently, the series consists of six novels, 1.500.000 books. Director Mark Waters (“Just like Heaven”, “Ghosts of Girlfriends Past”) took the first film, Kozlovsky got a chance in his film. He was in some kind of creative crisis after shooting “Legend 17″ and decided to take a break. He refused several financially advantageous offers in Russia and flew to New York.

New York met Danila coldly. He rented an apartment in Manhattan, but was disappointed.
“I paid a lot for it, it was proudly called “private terrace in SOHO”. I thought that I was waiting for a Palace and it was a strange little apartment with a code lock on the door. The door was beat out by a kick. It was a typical New York housing and I hated it for some reason. At first I was wildly irritable. I didn’t understand why I was there.”

He flew to New York looking for feelings, for inspiration, for something new. He didn’t know how, but he knew that this was necessary for him, he also wanted to improve his English language. But soon gave up studying and explained: “I was much more interested in sitting in a Manhattan’s bar with a “Prosecco” and chatting with the bartender. This is much more productive in terms of language than being bored hour after hour in a blunt school along with Japanese and Thai tourists.”

He walked around the city without a purpose, he delved into the life of the city, looking for something, looking for why he went there. Danila watched several performances, and he’s not shy to talk about them, that they “turned upside down”. It lasted for two weeks. “I finally found and realized New York. Only in the last days this happened with me… what should have happened.”

His English agent introduced Danila with his American colleagues on the eve of his trip to New York. They wanted to meet him and Danila and they were pleasantly surprised. “One of the ladies even told me that she went to the meeting without enthusiasm because she thought she would see a Russian gloomy shy guy with a terrible accent” – Danila says. However, she realized very quickly that Danila was not the first, nor the second or third.

This allowed Danila to push back all the American and British actors, including for Mark Waters, seeking for his Dimitri Belikov. The Director originally didn’t hold any hope for Russia but still Danila ended up on set in London in the company of two young beauties Lucy and Zoey, who play a vampire Princess and her friend who is in love with Dimitri in “Vampire Academy”.

Danila looks for his two iPhones and shows me pictures of his work partners. “They are both really good, and Zoey Deutch was generally wonderful. She is very young, she is only 18 years old, but she’s smart as a thirty-year, purposeful, focused. She knows what she wants from life and works like a crazy. And she is a very talented actress.”

Danila is hugging the girls in the photo and they look really young. They are at a party and all three of them look very fun. Apparently, the atmosphere on the shooting was also fun. But actually the actors didn’t have enough time to have fun in London. “We had only one day off a week. We went to the club a few times, but as you know, I don’t like clubs. Once, we arranged a barbecue in the apartment with access to the roof. That was our fun.” Danila says.

In London, Danila Kozlovsky lived fifty metres from the Buckingham Palace. “Buckingham Gate, Buckingham Gate” he mockingly repeats the name of the street. He clearly enjoys his British pronunciation. But at the same time he ridicules for it.

“You look like Jeremy irons.” – I’m trying to make a compliment to the actor. However Danila doesn’t need to speak English as his native language for this role. “I don’t like my Russian accent. Foreigners find it very beautiful, but I don’t. I tried to muffle his, but not quite. Otherwise you would have thought that my character is, or German, or French. But it was important for me that everybody could understand that my hero is Russian. Because, a Russian artist received a big romantic role in a Hollywood film for the first time. And I won’t hide it… i am flattered. My hero is Russian, who has long lived in America. He is adapted, but still Russian. He is the mysterious guy who wears a leather coat, listening to old music and read books about cowboys.” – Danila reports.

In the iPhone photos, Belikov is using a really brown shabby raincoat. Danila calls it a DUSTER in the English manner. I hardly recognized the smiling Danilа in this dark guy with long hair. “The mastery of transformation” – Danila laughs in response to my surprise. He calms me and says that he just looks so harsh but Danila tried to play his character with a sense of humor.

The famous artist and costume designer Ruth Myers dressed Danila in “Vampire Academy”. Danila talks about it with special enthusiasm, but he can’t talk details on Belikov’s costume. But Danila willingly told us about his own shopping in London and their aesthetic impressions. “Everyone-in-London perfectly dressed. Workers, office clerks, artists, students, the street thieves, all have their own style. And it’s not important whether they wear expensive clothes or not.” Danila didn’t have time to walk but he managed to inspect some London stores. And he would pay extra for his baggage unless he had a plane ticket in business class when he was flying home.

He produced not only quantitative but also qualitative changes in his wardrobe. And he changed his mind on what kind of style he prefers. In London Danila has not changed his style completely, but (according to him) it was radically developed. “I always wore slacks, sometimes very large. But here I bought myself a fairly narrow jeans. They’re not quite tight but still narrow. And I bought some brand English jackets, as the port worker of the fifties” – says Danila.

Danila goes to the dressing room and returns with proof in his hands. A plain black jacket. Really, very English. It lacks a little dirt to look like a jacket inhabitant of Dickens’.

In London Danila discovered another truth: “Clothing is beautiful when it is well worn out, defaced, when it merges with you. It becomes for you truly fashionable and expensive!”

We did say this is a deliberate negligence.

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