VA Quote It: Photo #4 (Rose and Dimitri)

This week, we have Her Royal GuardianVampire Academy Australia Fans of Vampire Academy, Red Carpet Endings and VA Worldwide News joining ‘VA Quote It.’ It is a weekly feature where fansites have to guess the quote that matches the still and describe which scene they think matches it. This week’s still is a tricky one so I commend the sites on being able to come up with something for it.

Photo #3 (Rose and Dimitri)

 Vampire Academy Australia’s Discussion:

 Dimitri:  “If she was with you, she’d be okay.”

Describe the quote chosen:
After running laps together outside and doing cool down stretches, Dimitri said this to Rose when she commented on the improvement in her endurance. Wondering how Lissa would handle the running. And soon after Rose gets pulled into Lissa’s head through the bond and she suddenly runs off to her.

Which scene do you think this still belongs to?
Noting that Rose’s hair is tied back and this scene and Dimitri suggesting that she tie her hair back isn’t mentioned until a later chapter. I think this picture could either be a completely new and added scene or a scene from the book but altered. With Rose being back in the vampiric schedule, in the still it’s quite bright daylight but in the book it’s described as the start of the school day and is almost sunset. Even though that quote was said indoors, I think that the still being outdoors could be a slight change and a good way to connect the scene to Rose tearing off full speed running to Lissa.

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VA Worldwide News’ Discussion:

Rose: “Going though the motions with him (Dimitri), I gained some insight into why I took such a regular beating in group practice. I absorbed his techniques quickly and couldn’t wait to use them.”

Describe the quote chosen:
Rose and Dimitri training together in what looks like the backyard of the Academy.

Which scene do you think this still belongs to?
This picture might belong to any of the training scenes Rose and Dimitri have in the book. In the still, Rose is following Dimitri’s moves in regards of their training. Dimitri is showing Rose some of the techniques he knows and she’s following the moves he’s making and absorbing everything she can learn from him.

Her Royal Guardian’s Discussion:

Rose: ‘He turned and demonstrated some maneuvers, pointing out where to move and how to strike someone. Going through some of the motions with him, I gained some insight into why I took such a regular beating in group practice.’

Describe the quote chosen:
To me, this scene is pretty self-explanatory, it’s training. This scene must occur after Rose insists that Dimitri teach her how to really fight. The scene this quote is chosen from is the first of the extra two hours of training sessions Rose and Dimitri do and the first time Rose gets to try out fighting Dimitri. He’s showing Rose some ways of taking down an opponent and why she never wins during her training sessions with the other novices.

Which scene do you think this still belongs to?
Rose and Dimitri’s training session in chapter 11 of the book, just before Tatiana’s visit to St. Vlad’s.

u Fans of Vampire Academy’s Discussion:

Rose: “Is this why your times aren’t getting any faster? You’re easily distracted?”

Describe the quote chosen:
Rose and Dimitri are training outside, it could be when they are both running outside and they are stretching before running. I don’t know why it’s sunny though. Then, Mason appears and Dimitri says this sentence to Rose. Besides, Dimitri is in loose pants, sot they are definitely training and running outside.

Which scene do you think this still belongs to?
The scene when Dimitri is running with Rose and chastizes her when Mason passes by and waves at Rose.

 Red Carpet Endings’s Discussion

So I suggested to Dimitri that maybe he should let me off this time. He laughed, and I was pretty sure it was at me and not with me. 
Rose: “Why is that funny?”
Dimitri: “Oh, You were serious.”
Rose: “Of course I was! Look, I’ve technically been awake for two days. Why do we have to start this training now? Let me go to bed, It’s just one hour.”
Dimitri: “How do you feel right now? After the training you’ve done so far?”
Dimitri: “You’ll feel worse tomorrow.”
Dimitri: “So, better to jump in now while you still feel…not as bad.”
Rose: “What kind of logic is that?”

Describe the quote chosen:
Ok, so this “quote” is a bit more of a conversation. The reality is that I don’t think at this point in the movie there will be much talking. I see this scene playing out with music and lots of in synch movements. It think it will be graceful and fierce at the same time. One of those scenes that just doesn’t require talking. With that said, the above quote was the only part of the book I could use to put words to this scene.



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