Breaking: Danila Kozlovsky to star in ‘Decorator’


According to Kinopoiskru, Danila will be starring in ‘Decorator’ as Erast Fandorin based on the book by Boris Akunin. It will be produced by Peter Anurov (Soulless).

Decorator is about Fandorin’s investigation of Jack The Ripper’s crimes along with his own love life. The distributor agreement has already been signed with Universal for the release of the movie in Russia and other countries.

Danila mentions in the video that he never played a character like this in his career, it is a very clever and mysterious character. He said that he’ll play this hero with big interest.

Interesting tibit about the series by Boris Akunin:
‘In Russia, the Fandorin series rivals The Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter in popularity.’

The project is expected to begin filming in March, 2014.

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