Danila Kozlovsky at GQ Russia’s ‘Man of The Year’ awards in Moscow (Sep 17th)


Danila Kozlovsky attended GQ Russia’s ‘Man of The Year’ awards in Moscow on September 17th. Huge congratulations to him for winning the Actor of the year award.


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Official GQ Russia Photos

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Danila thanking people for his award HERE

Interview with GQ Russia

GQ Man of the Year 2013 -Danila Kozlovsky

This year, the work of GQ suddenly became easier: in Russia finally became true, no discount for time and place, a Hollywood film star scale. Before you hand him the award for “Person of the Year 2013”, the chief editor of GQ IDOV Michael Kozlowski took the interview.
I’ve tried to figure out how you turned out to be a powerful year and could not believe it: “The Spy”, “The Legend of number 17” and “Duhless” came within twelve months.
Yes, for the year came three paintings.
 Do not just “three paintings.” 
Two successful picture, and “The Spy” has failed, but I love him no less. I think it is fresh, unusual – a kind of heroic comic.
 Of course, it’s “Captain America”, only Russian. 
Unfortunately, the people he went. I think it’s a bug campaign. It is promoted as a historical drama, trying to intrigue the audience rollers “secret plans of Hitler.” Achieved the opposite: oh, again, Hitler, Stalin … enough, do not.
Great movie about the Great War. 
 And it was necessary to promote it as a comic, where Hitler gave orders on Skype, young enkavedeshnik fancies himself Zorro, at the door of the House of Culture staffed by a surveillance camera, and there is still a lot of love.
From “The Legend” is the opposite. I looked her right in the beginning of the rental, a half-empty hall, and terribly worried that such a great movie now fail. Then the movie becomes a popular hit, it raises a shield to Putin, and … it’s kind of all the same movie, but now it already seems part of a huge public colossus and love it has become more difficult. Have you had this very feeling? 
I was afraid of this government’s attention to the “Legend”, especially after meeting with the president, he was afraid that people will perceive this movie as I do not know, promoting the Sochi 2014 and so on. Fortunately, his love and agitation so were not able to love. To me still fit strangers, thank, and they say the personal: “I felt that, bitch, I can too! He could not – and I can. ” I even told my mother, as recently struggled with poor health, repeating to himself, “You’re not hurt, Kharlamov!” Only two or three of the people I heard something like “unprecedented feel pride for the country!”.
The film is a powerful patriotic charge, there is nothing wrong, and it’s done, I think, accurately, without (sings) “Russia – our great power, and you and the rest, shit.” I hate this patriotism, patriotism, pervert, it very much contempt for others and not just the desire to make himself and his life in the country better. For me, patriotism – it’s when you do not throw cigarette butts on the ground past the bins, not when all the corners shouting as they love this land. If people at the same crap in the hallways about what patriotism at all about? With entrances must begin, not with St. George ribbons and T-shirts with Olympic symbols.
It’s amazing that you’re almost the only actor who is talking about things like a normal human language. And what you say, it’s not even sedition in the usual sense. But now the political loyalty, patriotism, and perhaps a healthy lifestyle, go one block. You have to be for the good against the bad things. 
We are very cautious, and often the initiative is not “above” and from ourselves. Think, just in case we will not. We was not forbidden, but … better not.
“Duhless” in this regard – almost the exact opposite of the “Legend”
This was the first film in a long time, which has brought a real commercial success. Watched it for about two and a half million people, for our two thousand cinemas is quite a lot. People are grateful for “Duhless.” Obviously, all this is very rough, but it’s just a little movie about us, about this time, that is happening now. Few can relate himself with his hero, but this film somehow, a little bit, about us. All of these uprisings, office life. We have the same [in the film] was also a Marsh … Although this was perhaps a little bit. People thanked this mood. A “Legend” – it’s more personal experience, it’s about what we can do what we can do, anything is possible. Everyone has a dream, a desire to be successful, to take place. It’s a great desire, it is necessary, it is one of the main motors of motivations.
Well, you have come true. It has been crazy this year. You feel a little different at the end of the year than at the beginning? 
No. This coquettishly. I mean, I understand that changes have taken place – and in me and around me, but that I felt different – no, I can not say that.
This is what I mean. In Russia, if you do something good, then quickly hit his head on the ceiling. Here’s one of my friend and your brother decided to become the best rapper in Russia. Took it and began. Collects large halls just to declare “VKontakte”. And I’m really afraid for him, because then what? The market, then conquered. You do not have this fear? 
I like the phrase of one of the famous American artist, “If your name is not pronounced without hesitation anywhere in Karachi – you’re not a star.” My name is already outside the Garden Ring, I think, so far very few people about something. In addition, the ceiling is at fame, stardom, and in the profession it is not.
I’m more of a profession. 
It can grow indefinitely and surprise. The possibilities for this huge, and I would like to continuously expand the space of his acting life.
Play here and in parallel in Hollywood? 
And why not? I am not going to speculate on whether or not there at the Russian cinema chance to integrate into the Western market. I can answer for myself, I know that only by achieving success here, you become interested in it. I aspire to that, and never shy. I’m wildly interested in America, and I loved my first experience [of filming in “Vampire Academy”, where Kozlovsky has played a major role. – Note. GQ].
It is obvious that the Russian stars began to shoot more in the West. But it kind of – now I’m a little afraid to hurt you – it is because Russia itself has become a large market. And part of Russians facilitates distribution of films here. 
Partly – yes, probably. So all this is normal. See how “our” played “them” – that’s another reason to buy a ticket to the movies, but not the main, and “they” do not each take. In “Vampire Academy” character was originally Russian, but in the book he has long lived in America, is fluent in English, and were looking for an actor of the British and Americans, but at the last moment decided to try me.
How did it happen? 
It’s a different story. A year ago I was in New York. Suddenly felt that I needed something new to find, something fed to the future. He took off for an apartment in Soho on Mulberry and flew. Spent a month there.
Cafe Gitane go? It is a favorite models. 
 Oh, facts! .. Do not know. Well, next time. In New York, I met with the agents, but not a lot – mostly went to the theater, museums, wandered around the city. Rebooted and flew home elated.And in the spring, when it was approved in the “Academy”, figured out how I found out about the casting director. It turns out that she is talking to her friend in New York said that here, we do a movie, looking for actors, including the role of Dmitry Belikov. And she says to her, you know, a friend of mine came in the summer of one Russian guy, you think may be interested, look. Here’s a chain, and it’s amazing, I went to New York for a new life and found that role.
And where they filmed “Academy”? 
 In London.
Well, in America, however, no such locks. 
 My boys from the American group on the set all the time asking, “Have you been to Windsor Castle? Oh, it’s so beautiful! “Was an ordinary lock. But for them it is something unprecedented.
What were you playing in English? 
 I am unhappy with my tongue, so I can not adequately assess. I’ve got to make a big role in English without an interpreter, but now I’m even more intensively engaged with the teacher-American. It is necessary. Among other things, there is a factor of emphasis.
Yes, the curse of the Russian accent. You can know the language perfectly and still life play KGB generals. 
 It is clear to play blooded American you can not. But if you evoke the samples they have an interest, they are already thinking: “Why, in fact, the hero must always be an American? He can live in America for ten years … “They begin to adapt to you. But for that you need in any case, a lot of things to do. We must work even more than they are, and they are working like hell. When I was getting ready to shoot in the “Legend” around shaking their heads: “Old man, wow, you work hard for five or six hours, how well done …” And there [before the shooting “Vampire Academy.” – Note.GQ] I had a pick-up at seven in the morning from the hotel, and we came back at seven in the evening. Daily 12:00 continuous operation: Training, meeting with the director, rehearsals, costume, make-up. And that there is absolutely normal. You have approved for the lead role? Cool, wonderful – and now operate. For real. Otherwise, it is impossible.
Why is that? 
With the attitude. People value their place, name, reputation. Take, for example, the man who puts the “brand” – these are the points on which the artist runs in the frame. We often put them with a look, “I will, of course, put, now that I work here, but actually I’m not talking about it.” If you do not want to put “brand”, if it demeans you – then do not do it! But if you work – work. On the “Academy” did the guy I remember for a lifetime: a portable radio, tape and a bunch of different “brands”. Some people – in order to put on the sand, others – on the tree, and so on. I had only to make a move, he immediately ran up and put the “brand.” Worked beautifully, obviously enjoyed it, and it was evident that he values ​​his place. Once at the beginning of the director, showed me where to stop and asked where to put the “brand”, so it was convenient.
Yes, no need to answer, based on his Russian experience, and so I remember here on this sapling … You should have seen his eyes directed: he did not understand what I mean. And the guy looked at me as a person who wants to take away his job. “What do you mean” remember “? That’s my job, I get the money for it and I love her. ” They really love it. We also do not condemn the lack of love for the cinema, but at the same time we allow ourselves to be a little ironic, but it is wrong. I remember when I released “Watch”, the artists out there who were shot, talked about it with an embarrassed laugh, apologetically: Well, ha ha, “Watch.” And there, when will play in the “Batman”, talk about it as if they had the role of Hamlet or Mitya Karamazov. Enthusiastically talk about the “Batman” as a great movie based on the mythology of the country. Awesome.
By the way, too, about the lack of locks. America has no compulsive need to compare all of the best examples of their culture for three years. They do not look at Batman and say, “Well-at, it’s not” Citizen Kane “,” but a man tried to. “ 
 If they do something, it seriously. Sometimes, our actor ask, “What are you doing?” – (Prenebrezhitelno.) “Yes… I’m doing there… in one series… “I understand that there are those serials yet, but you either did not take off in them, or do not despise what you’re doing. I immediately found himself in the company of one filmmaker and his friends. We were sitting and talking. Talked about perfectionism and feel for good reason: people like listening to, but so little in his chair ramps … that’s already climbed into the phone, checked esemes… bored shorter. And then another artist recalls how they got drunk at the site and change someone ripped off. All immediately perked up, cheered. Interesting to hear about it, it is clear to us.
Your next role – Dubrovsky. 
This is a modern story based on the “Dubrovsky”. We assigned Pushkin’s story, and it is interesting connected with what is happening now. Quarrel with Troyekurov, chaos powers that turn people into rebel-Avengers, and so on.
Who Dubrovsky in this scenario? 
We have it a successful lawyer whose life is changed by the death of his father: he comes face to face with the country, which in his Moscow and had no idea his mind and turned around 180 degrees.
Max of “Duhless” Kharlamov, Dubrovsky – icons. Does not it bother you one by one embodies known iconic characters? You do, consider, for the year has played Batman Shtirlitsa and Michael Jordan. 
 I have not played them for a year. Movies come out in a row, but removed them at different times, “Duhless” and “Dubrovsky” – with pauses in the year. These films, by the way, absolutely not start counting on me in the plans of producers and directors I initially did not appear. But it turned out that the role I played.
So it’s not that, “Danila Kozlovsky plays only a great people.” 
(laughs) I do not Tussauds museum.

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