Master Post: Danila at the VI Levitan Music Festival in Plyos, Russia (September 22nd)



Interview from Roboshayki:

What does it mean for you, to participate in the Levitan Festival?
First, this is my first experience on stage reading Kuprina Turgenev, accompanied by piano, and even more so, accompanied by the brilliant pianist Alexei Goribol. The festival is held in such a completely wonderful and amazing environment. And, of course, the incredible concentration of masterpieces of classic music in three days. In a brilliant, in my opinion, quite virtuosic, amazing performance. This is also, in my opinion, the most important thing in this festival.

How do you feel about Russian classics, what are your favorite pieces?
How I feel about the Russian classics? (Laughs) I’m a big fan of classic music. Unfortunately, not so well versed in it as I would like, perhaps, but I’m a big fan of it. Especially music from the 20th century, in many ways it is more familiar to me than the music from 17-19.

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What are your favorite roles in theater and cinema?
Is this an issue of the Levitan Festival? No! I just configured to another wave now, and i’m not willing to discuss these issues. I’m all about the music at the moment.

You were recently recognized the person of the year according to GQ Magazine and named Russia’s only Hollywood actor format.
I want to say a big thank you to GQ magazine for such beautiful and very nice words, but I feel awkward commenting on such a nice but very loud compliment.

Danila, I know that you have already filmed abroad. Are you planning to make a Hollywood career?
I don’t think that when an artist agrees to participate in foreign films, he is guided by considerations – “Let me now make a Hollywood career.” So add up the fact that in your life a particular scenario is developed, and somehow you’re at it you get. It so happened that in my life i got my first American film.
I liked this experience very much because great people and great professionals worked in this. And it was very memorable and a very interesting event in my life.
So of course, I would very much like to see this event as somehow the beginning of something with a continuation. I have already talked a lot about it, for me, there are no less important or less talented people working in my country. Fortunately, I have a lot of plans and ideas with my friends screenwriters, cinematographers and directors regarding our possible future films, which are no less important and interesting to me. If circumstances arise where i have to work there and here – i will work. I would even be able to say – “i work in two countries” – just if there is some kind of an interesting offer to work there, i will respond to it with pleasure. But i’m still Russian, of course, never denied, and with great joy and as loud as it sounds, I admit. And I repeat it again.

Danila, this week again many people talked about the movie Legend No. 17, which was one of the contenders in the Oscar nominations. In this film there is a lot of motivation. Did you personally learn something from this movie?
I think I’m going to look very silly and strange if i say now that this film has taught me so much – that’s it, that’s it and that’s it. In life, certain difficulties arise, circumstances, turns, which arise the qualities that we talk about in the film Legend No. 17. I really hope that I have enough willpower to show it in the future. We’ll see!

Are there any possible limits for Danila Kozlovsky?
You mean everything is no longer possible? (Laughs)
Fortunately, no, of course. In general, the profession as a musician, like any creative profession (I don’t like this expression) as any business where people are trying to make art, has neither limits nor boundaries. And this is even a part of the stereotypical “there is no limit to perfection” – it’s a reason of stereotypical because really there is no limit to perfection! So, fortunately – the possibilities are endless.

Behind the scenes question (not included in the video):
How many bruises did you get on the set of “Legend No. 17″?
(Laughter) Lots of them.

After filming the movie “Legend No. 17″ in hockey you don’t like football? Are you playing football?
I played football professionally.

Voice from the audience:
Which one do you support?
I watch hockey and soccer, but in general i try to watch and support the Russian clubs when they play in important tournaments, or for the national team. About what’s going on inside the Russian championships – I have no idea.

About Plyos
Danila said he came to Plyos for a few days before, to be inspired by local beauties. “It’s very good to walk, wander alone. Plyos – this is a place where you want to go back”


Watch Danila’s interview with Roboshayka_Forever HERE
Watch Danila read Kuprina Turgenev HERE


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