Alena Konstantinova (‘The Habit to Leave’) talks about Danila in GRAZIA Magazine Russia


GRAZIA: Your on-screen boyfriends as they were selected: Danila Kozlovsky, Artur Smolyaninov, Pyotr Fyodorov… Was it a pleasure to work in their company?
It was awesome! They are all different and very experienced. At first I was a little afraid because i was acting with well-known actors – responsible occupation, but all the guys were incredibly simple. When something did not work, Danya (Danila) comforted me, saying that with him it happens too. Then I watch – Peter and Arthur saying exactly the same thing. Then I went to them and said, “You three seem to conspire!” Probably, this is such a special reception to the young actress not to be too nervous on set.

GRAZIA: You are still a very young actress. How to get into movies?
AK: Since my childhood I was dancing all the time and was on the scene, but the theater had a little attitude. Then, when I was in my first year (in the School of Drama Herman Sidakova. – Note. Grazia), i recorded the monologue “The Story of Sonia” on camera. It shattered on the internet, and I was called for the first auditions, in which, by the way, Danya (Danila) Kozlovsky participated. So we have met before The Habit to Leave. I still remember one very funny episode. At the end of the audition we had to kiss. I’m was so excited that i was turning all green, blushing – and wouldn’t dare. Perhaps because of this I didn’t get the role. Danya then-director, said: “My God, she’s now in a faint fall!” I was only 18 years old and I didn’t know how it was – to kiss a stranger. Although, I confess that after, i thought: “In vain, Alena, in vain!”

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