Chapter by Chapter: Vampire Academy Chapter 7 Discussion

We’re thrilled to be joining in again for Her Royal Guardian’s Chapter by Chapter Discussion where we discuss how we think certain scenes will fit into the movie, how characters would be portrayed and many more. This week we’re discussing chapter 7. 


Our Chapter 7 Discussion:

This is the chapter where you finally see that Rose is starting to get accustomed to the strict training St Vlad’s have in place. In the movie, the director could choose to have it portrayed both ways but I think they would show many little training scenes and then maybe revisit that later on and move on to the next bit of plot with one or two full training scenes. This hints at what a spectacular guardian Rose is going to be at the rate she is going. Two years away and she can catch on that quickly shows everyone a badass guardian in the making.

During one of these training scenes, you start to see some more of Dimitri’s character shine through as he listens to 80s songs and reads western novels. This is what makes Dimitri so uniquely him, so it is really important to show the audience little bits of their own personality and quirks through subtle scenes. Dimitri is practical. Instead of always doing fighting practise, Dimitri has been sending Rose running, which in the long run, will benefit her a lot. As Rose and Dimitri becomes more comfortable, their relationship slowly progresses. Which is why, when Mason partially distracts Rose from running, Dimitri starts to get a little jealous. Introduced in this scene, is the first of many animals slitted and placed on Lissa’s bed.

Rose knows something is wrong from the jolt in her bond and showing this to the audience can give them more insight on what this bond could do. It’s the beginning of drama and for the first animal shown, there should be a lot of tension and suspense in the movie, especially when we find out that there is something both Rose and Lissa is hiding about Lissa’s abilities.

Must have quotes:
1. “If she was with you, she’d be okay.” – Dimitri
2. “Whoa, Dimitri. I realize this is actually a current hit in Eastern Europe right now, but do you think we could maybe listen to something that wasn’t recorded before I was born?” – Rose
3. Teach me how to fight. I already know how to run away.” – Rose

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