Hypable: Interview with Richelle Mead on visiting the Vampire Academy Set

Richelle Mead talks to Hypable about visiting the ‘Vampire Academy’ set


On Set

Richelle Mead only had a few days on set but was made to feel right at home. She saw two separate scenes being filmed. One on a St. Vladimir’s set and one during a night set. Mead said, “The set was incredible to see. The amount of people and time that go into a movie is amazing. I don’t think the average movie viewers really appreciate that we sit and level judgement comfortably from our seats. It takes so much effort and energy to film one scene. Everyone really seemed into this project. They were passionate about the story and it was really gratifying for me.”

When asked about meeting the actors who now embody her characters, Mead exclaims that she was more star struck than anything else because they are all so beautiful. “You are surrounded by all these gorgeous people who are playing these iconic figures but at the same time they are all so personable. I have never really meet any actors so you have no idea what you are going to find but they were ordinary people. I was excited to meet them and they were excited to meet me.”

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Danila Kozlovsky and Zoey Deutch

Two of the gorgeous people on set were the leads Zoey Deutch and Danila Kozlovsky. Mead had nothing but praise for the relative unknown Kozlovsky.

Danila is super friendly and easy going in person. He was definitely one we were baffled by because he is just such a gorgeous man but he just talks to you. He is so relaxed and nice you almost forget he is Dimitri. Dimitri is always stoic and fighting battles and Danila is all ease and charm. When the camera is on he snaps into Dimitri, the bad ass warrior god. I saw him doing stunts scenes and that was incredible. He was out there doing all these aggressive things and throwing himself around. He took kind of a beating that night. They do have stunt people around but he and Zoey did a lot of their own stunts.”

As for Deutch, Mead feels she is the perfect fit for Rose both physically and in personality.

“Zoey is great. She is such a great match for Rose. She is probably the closest to how I pictured the character both in appearance and personality. That’s what is really cool. So many people discount the personality factor they want to match head shots with the image in their mind. And there is this whole component of being able to channel that character’s personality and essence. Zoey has that. She is a spitfire and everyone knows where she is in the room. On camera I definitely see her as Rose.”

Read more of the interview on trailers and favorite scenes HERE



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