VA Quote It: Photo #8 (Jesse Zeklos)

This week, we have Red Carpet Endings and Fans of Vampire Academy  joining “VA Quote It.” It is a weekly feature where fansites have to guess the quote that matches the still and describe which scene they think matches it. Please keep in mind there might be SPOILERS if you haven’t read the books.

Photo #8 (Jesse Zeklos)

GuardianOath Our Discussion (Guardian Oath):

You really here to study, or was it just an excuse?” I asked. 

Describe the quote chosen:
I do think that this scene is at the beginning of the couch scene, where Rose and Jesse goes to an abandoned lounge and hook up. As Jesse’s sunglasses are still on, you get the impression that things have not escalated enough for them to be making out yet. The way he’s sitting and his clothes also suggest that nothing has happened yet. So in this case, it could be that they are talking right now.

Which scene do you think this still belongs to? 
This is the scene where Rose is annoyed with Lissa and Christian’s budding romance and wants to forget about it, so she hooks up with Jesse Zeklos.

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FansofVA Fans of Vampire Academy’s Discussion:

He sat down on the couch, and I lay back on it, putting my feet in his lap. – Rose

Describe the quote chosen:
Rose is annoyed at Christian and Lissa and decides to be wild. She hooks up with Jesse in a deserted lounge and Dimitri busts them. It could be the beginning of the scene when Jesse sits on the couch and things heat up afterwards.

Which scene do you think this still belongs to?
The hook up scene between Jesse and Rose.

RedCarpetEndings Red Carpet Ending’s Discussion: 

 “For a moment, I could barely breathe, recalling that rush of pleasure that a vampire bite could fill me with, wondering what it’d be like to feel that while making out.” – Rose

Describe the quote chosen:
Rose didn’t want to lose her virginity with Jesse, but she did want to make out. In the process of making out with him, Jesse’s lips travelled down to her neck, his fangs brushed against her skin.

Which scene do you think this still belongs to?
Jesse and Rose making out.


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