Yahoo Movies: Dan Waters explains 5 differences from the book-to-movie adaption of Vampire Academy

Silver Stakes and More: ‘Vampire Academy’ Screenwriter Will Ease Your Mind on 5 Big Differences


1. Rose has the silver stake. In the books, heroine and protector Rose Hathaway doesn’t get her hands on the coveted Guardian weapon until the second book, but the trailer shows her clutching one. Dan’s excuse? He wants to be able to make a second movie! “I’m sorry, I had to do it to make it interesting,” he said. “When you are writing five books, you can move things at a deliberate pace. I think that without a great first movie, there is no second one.” That’s a fair reason, right?

2. Lissa’s onto Rose and Dimitri a bit sooner. In the novels, Rose’s Moroi royal BFF doesn’t catch on to the palpable chemistry between Rose and her handsome mentor until several books in. That’s just not realistic (yes, we’re talking about realism in reference to a vampire tale) when it comes to two best friends, especially two as interconnected as Rose and Lissa. “I did move a couple of elements,” Dan confessed. “Lissa may suspect that Rose has a crush on Dimitri a little earlier than she does now, considering every best friend in the world wouldn’t be able to keep that secret for four books. … What best friend who you are supernaturally bonded to is not going to pick up on that? I don’t go crazy with it. There’s no long discussion about it like, ‘Hey, you are not going to believe it. I put this necklace on last night…’ I don’t go too far.”

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3. More Ms. Karp is coming. The teaser showed a quick flash of Rose hiding under a desk with a laptop that some saw as cause for concern. But Dan claims that’s all part of Rose looking into the mysterious St. Vladimir Academy faculty member. “Me as the adaptor was about taking a lot of the material out of Rose’s head and putting it on the screen. That where maybe she doesn’t know as much about Ms. Karp as she thinks she does and that she has got to do some more detective work and a more active investigation instead of waiting for another dead animal to fall on her lap,” he explained. “There’s a moment in the teaser where she’s hiding under the desk with a laptop and that has to do with that.”

4. There will be minor tweaks to the timeline. “Most material is the same. It was definitely about sometimes taking scenes that you are familiar with and reordering them. There’s a shopping scene in the book that happens before an ankle scene in the book, and I have the ankle scene happen before the shopping scene. Don’t kill me.”

5. We’ll see Lissa’s perspective. A little. While the books take place in Rose’s head (even when she’s in Lissa’s head), the movie has to step outside that a bit, and the Waters brothers think you’ll be thanking them for that. “We do have it both ways where the scenes that she is imagining, we’re seeing Lissa in. It’s not just completely from Rose’s point of view,” Dan explained. “There’s definitely nothing grosser than watching Dominic Sherwood as Christian try to kiss a camera. We also have from Lissa’s involvement in that scene too, which I think is interesting.”




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