The Vampire Academy panel at the New York Comic-con (October 12th)


Zoey Deutch, Lucy Fry, Sami Gayle, Dominic Sherwood, Mark Waters and Dan Waters was at the Vampire Academy Panel at the New York Comic-con where there was a Q&A along with an exclusive trailer.


Before the VA Panel

Group photos with the Cast

Book Hype Tweets

– The panel opens with a message from @RichelleMead!  Amy Wilkenson from MTV is moderating.
– Marks Waters says they are deep in post production & they’ve started to preview it. He is very excited by the product
– @ZoeyDeutch says she did tons of training to become Rose and she had to drink gross shakes to build muscle.
– @LucyFryOfficial auditioned multiple times. She was backpacking and was added last minute.
– Zoey drove Lucy home from her audition Lucy says “She was my guardian from the start”
– Dominic Sherwood talks about auditioning, not meeting Lucy until the 6th audition. He got offered the part three days before film
– The kissing scene took place on the 2nd day of filming Dominic and Lucy were nervous. Zoey said it was soo cute
– Sami Gayle says it was fun playing the mean girl but finding out what made her that ways was interesting
– Dan Waters says he finds writing males boring they are simple & he lives writing females BC they are more interesting
– With Rose he loved that he could go crazy¬ filter the character because that is Rose. He goes to his Zoey place when he writes crazy females.
– Read the rest of the live tweets + photos + videos under the break – 

– Zoey talks @KozlovskyD he is versatile, can feel your energy & change w/it. He is very fun even though he ays serious
– Lust charm scene! Zoey says there is a comic element but it makes her blush!
– Footage! Seriously some great scenes! Rose training with Mason. Rose bunching Mia! @ZoeyDeutch is perfect as Rose
– Dan Waters says his fav part was directing his brothers script
– Rolf Kent is doing the score for the filmThe soundtrack is in the early stages so far there is one cover&1 original.
– Zoey says there are many redeeming qualities about Rose but she makes mistakes & that makes her multidimensional
– Lucy says Rose also puts Lissa first. Lissa goes through alot and she is affected by others pain
– Dominic says that Christian is dark & he is all or nothing & he gives all his love to Lissa who owns his heart
– Sami says that Mia is bratty but in the end she is very insecure and trying to find herself
– Lucy says being a moroi is more about life than death and no other vamp movie has captured that
– Dan Waters says that he didn’t feel the pressure when writing until he opened the door&he stills feel the pressure
– Dan says the way Richelle reacted to the script made him feel great & he thinks it was a challenge & loves a challenge
– Fan asks about cut scenes and Mark says you have to ask Danny! Who says he consolidated scenes.
– Dan says that he doesn’t have Dimitri but lip gloss he couldn’t have his string Russian doing that. Jokingly people offer him lip gloss!
– Mark says that something cool happens when Rose goes into Lissas head. Visually it is very cool
– Dan says when Sami showed up she gave Mia game and made her modern

VH1 Celebrity Tweets

– “I haven’t shown it to my thespians yet.” Mark Waters on status of #vamovie
– “Drinking repulsive protein shakes” was part of Zoey’s training regimen.
– “I just want you to look at one last self tape” -sentence that landed Lucy Fry the part of Lissa
– I got offered the part and three days later we were at table reads. – Dominic
– Kissing scene between Lissa and Christian took like 900 takes, according to Zoey
– “She’s really hiding her insecurities of her poor upbringing” – Sam Gayle on Mia
– Dan Waters: “not having kids and not having a good relationship” are why he write great teenage girls
– “Finally this is a character I don’t have to hold back on.” – Dan Waters on Rose
– “You weren’t even sperm when Heathers came out.” Dan Waters to Zoey Deutch
– “I could not think of a part he could not play.” Zoey on Danila
– Footage spoiler. Best quote: “Everybody saw that I tried to take the high road there. Sort of.”
– “It’s not always that you see the heroine making a lot of mistakes.” Zoey on what’s special about Rose
– “Nobody told me what I was getting into.” Dan Waters on #vamovie fandom
– “I can’t have Dimitri buy lipgloss.” Dan Waters on what he changed from book to movie

Breanne L. Heldman Tweets
– Lucy re: Zoey – “My guardian from the beginning” because @ZoeyDeutch drove @LucyFryOfficial home from audition
– Watch Zoey Deutch talk about Danila and her being goofballs HERE
– Choice line from the #VampireAcademy trailer: “I tried to take the high road there. Sort of.” -Rose, after knocking out Mia
– Dan Waters on what isn’t in #VampireAcademy movie: “I can’t have Dimitri buy lip gloss. I can’t emasculate my Russian like that!”

Exclusive VA Footage Play-by-Play by io9
“Blasting the “Live Fast Die Young” song, a very long sizzle reel/trailer was shown to the audience. The first scene, watching Lissa feed off of Rose. Because she was hungry, and as Rose said “what are friends for?” It established the fact that this was a girlfriends kind of vampire movie, as opposed to the “he loves her she loves him but one of them is a monster” trope this genre has been kicking around for ages. Cut to the Vampire Academy and it’s all kids kids kids. Kids laughing at each other, kids fighting with each other. Kids filming things on their cameras and smart phones. It almost stops being a vampire movie entirely for jokes. Bully Mia shows up hissing and baring her fangs, telling the other girls to leave her man alone. She later runs up to Lissa at a dance and frantically yells, “You were gone, are you pregnant, do you have herpes, maybe your baby has herpes?” Rose appears, they get into a tussle and Rose just clocks her in the face and asks, “everyone saw me try to take the high road on that.” And then to top it all off is Rose, kicking so much ass, unzipping her shirt and doing tai chi on the lawn of the school.”

Perri Nemiroff – VIDEOS
Watch Zoey talk about Rose Hathaway HERE
Watch Mark Waters talk about the Music they’re assembling for VA HERE
Watch Dan Waters talks about consolidating parts of the book HERE

VA Panel at NYCC

All the images/tweets/videos are taken from Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. Please tell us if you would like to be credited.


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