VA Quote It: Photo #9 (Rose and Lissa)

This week, we have Her Royal GuardianFans of Vampire Academy, Vampire Academy Australia and Red Carpet Ending  joining ‘VA Quote It.’ It is a weekly feature where fansites have to guess the quote that matches the still and describe which scene they think matches it. Please keep in mind there might be SPOILERS if you haven’t read the books.

Photo #9 (Rose and Lissa)


HerRoyalGuardian Her Royal Guardian’s Discussion:

“I saw you, Rose. I saw you talking to the other novices during class, talking about practice. You miss that.”
“It’s not worth it. Not if… not if you…” ~ Lissa and Rose 

Describe the quote chosen:
It was hard to pick just one quote for this scene, so many of them could fit. In the end I chose this quote because, from the look on Rose’s face, she and Lissa are talking about something pretty important And what could be more important to Rose than Lissa’s safety?! During the scene this quote is taken from, Rose and Lissa are discussing whether it is best to stay at St. Vladimir’s Academy, after just recently returning. Lissa believes that it would be best to stay, but Rose argues that she doesn’t agree. She thinks it would be better to get Lissa away from the school and anyone who wants to hurt her.

Which scene do you think this still belongs to?
This is the scene after just Rose and Lissa’s first day back at St. Vladimir’s Academy, after running away two years ago.

FansofVA Fans of Vampire Academy’s Discussion:

“Who’s bothering you?” “Rose, you can’t beat up everyone we have a problem with.” – Rose and Lissa

Describe the quote chosen:
As we have seen in the footage from Comic Con, this scene happens when Mia is making fun of them and Lissa says to Rose they can’t beat up everyone they have a problem with; but Rose wants to and Lissa restrains her.

Which scene do you think this still belongs to?
The scene where Rose is mad at Mia and others for upsetting Lissa.

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VAAustralia2 Vampire Academy Australia’s Discussion:

“Rose you can’t beat up everyone we have a problem with.” – Lissa

Describe the quote chosen:
Right after the incident with the dead fox, many of the student’s start talking and staring at Rose and Lissa around school. Rose gets really mad and defensive willing to fight anyone who makes Lissa upset.

Which scene do you think this still belongs to?
From the exclusive footage shown at New York Comic Con, we saw this particular scene where class has just ended and we see Lissa and Rose having a heated conversation where Rose appears to be very aggravated. Also Mia further provokes Rose by saying  “Trouble in paradise?”

RedCarpetEndings Red Carpet Endings’s Discussion:

“And if you mess with either of us again, I’ll break you in half. If you don’t believe me, go ask Dawn Yarrow about what I did to her arm in ninth grade. You were probably at nap time when it happened.” – Rose

Describe the quote chosen:
Rose looks like she is telling someone off and being held back by Lissa to prevent any further issues.

Which scene do you think this still belongs to?
I am assuming that this photo is when Rose is going off on Mia and letting her know not to mess with Lissa and her anymore. There is one other scene this may have been from, but I really think it’s when Mia gets snippy with Lissa and Rose steps in to let her know who she is messing with.


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