New Danila interview with OTR-Online Channel


Check out the video interview HERE

“Danila did an interview for OTR-Online Channel where he talked about the MDT tour in Moscow, and the difference between Moscow’s audience and St. Petersburg’s audience. He also talked about his favortire teacher, L. Dodin, his theatre’s partners Lisa Boyarskaya and Ksenia Rappoport and how they help him with his work, his success in the movie industry, his love for hockey and his big dream of playing the role of the famous russian dancer Rudof Nuriev.” – KozlovskyBR

Correspondent: But nevertheless you come close to this goal this year, starring in the Hollywood story “Vampire Academy”.
Danila: It was a very interesting experience I can honestly say that I dreamed of it and which was sought, i made certain steps. And I am very glad that at some point it happened, and this story took place, this adaptation of the books by Richelle Mead, fiction fantasy. This is a very interesting story and interesting role of a half-vampire, half-human, a dhampir. He has Russian roots, but for a very long time he’s been living in America.

He has worked in the Academy and speaks with a slight accent, which makes him even more attractive in the eyes of the female heroine. The love relationship flares up between them, but it is impossible, because he is a teacher and she is a young student. It was an amazing experience with a super talented team of cinematographers, with director Mark Waters, producers, operators, and a super talented team of actors. A very young team. The shooting period lasted for about three months since the preparation started. The premiere will be on February 14th.

Read the whole transcribed and translated interview here



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