Hypable: Vampire Academy Set Visit Report

‘Vampire Academy’ set visit report – How mean can vampire girls be?


Earlier this year, Hypable visited the set of Vampire Academy for a behind the scenes look at the eagerly anticipated young adult novel-turned-movie arriving in 2014. This was our opportunity to speak to the cast and crew and find out for ourselves just how progress was going on one of our absolute favorite fandoms.

Producer Deepak Nayar fondly remembers Danila Kozlovsky’s audition as Dimitri in particular and jokingly insisted on his looks alone were good enough to get him the part, and was therefore mercifully thankful when the rest of his audition was as wonderful.

We were particularly curious to speak to Danila Kozlovsky who is playing Dimitri Belikov; he is depicted as mysterious, intense, brooding, serious, noble and chivalrous, thus finding an actor who can portray that aura is quite a challenge.

He tells us that the character’s heart and soul is very much Russian and although Dimitri is only 24 years old, he’s aged and experienced emotionally. As an actor, he finds this character attractive to play. However, he regards the character as almost perfect and thus it was difficult to draw a certain amount of experience from past roles.

This is Danila’s first English movie so one of the challenges is certainly going to be mastering the language. In particular, he has high praise for the director Mark Waters in the direction he chooses to take while at the same time offering the cast a great deal of freedom in incorporating some improvisation into everyone’s performance. Danila tells us that first he films some takes and once he’s satisfied, the cast then have the opportunity to inject their own personal interpretations.

Read more of the Vampire Academy set visit HERE



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