Chapter by Chapter: Vampire Academy Chapter 11 Discussion

We’re thrilled to be joining in again for Her Royal Guardian’s Chapter by Chapter Discussion where we discuss how we think certain scenes will fit into the movie, how characters would be portrayed and many more. This week we’re discussing chapter 11. 


Our Chapter 11 Discussion:

Dimitri has finally stepped forward with teaching Rose, real moves she can use in a fight with the Strigoi. At their first training lesson after their agreement, we all get the sense that Dimitri might be really living up to the expectations of being a ‘God.’ Whatever moves Rose does, he counteracts. It’s also one of the many lessons where he doesn’t get Rose to run laps around the school or ramp up her physical endurance on the treadmills and exercise equipment.

Everything comes to a halt when Rose attempts to catch Dimitri by surprise, to no avail. Instead, he pins her to the ground and they both notice how very close they are. As we’ve already seen, there was a VA still depicting Dimitri pressing down on Rose, so we all know that this is going to be in the movie. Instead of replicating the scene from the book into the movie, I think Mark Waters would do something to ramp up that tension so the audience would feel its effects as well.It also brings an awareness, both to Rose and Dimitri and also to the audience.

This chapter is also where we meet Queen Tatiana for the first time, and she immediately makes Lissa doubt herself and her ability to carry on the Dragomir line without her family. In the trailer, we see Queen Tatiana standing next to Lissa, approving her when she says “Blood is Family, Blood is Pain and Blood is Death” so somehow, this scene might be changed though I’m not entirely sure in what way.

Must Have Quotes:
1. “The battle cry sort of gave you away. Try not to yell next time.” – Dimitri
2. “Does she really call him ‘Daddy’?” – Rose


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