VA Quote It: Photo #11 (Rose and Dimitri)

This week, we have Dhampir Life, Fans of Vampire Academy and VA Worldwide News joining ‘VA Quote It.’ It is a weekly feature where fansites have to guess the quote that matches the still and describe which scene they think matches it. Please keep in mind there might be SPOILERS if you haven’t read the books.

Photo #11 (Rose and Dimitri)


Guardian Oath Our Discussion (Guardian Oath): 

All of a sudden, it occurred to me that he was still holding me down. The skin on his fingers was warm as he clutched my wrists. His face hovered inches from my own, and his legs and torso were actually pressing against mine. – Rose

Describe the quote chosen:
Prior to Dimitri pressing Rose down onto the floor, Rose attempted to catch Dimitri by surprise, to no avail. I feel like we can all say with certainty, that this will be in the movie and will not be changed as Dan Waters has said that there was something funny about this scene at the NYCC. Even in this photograph, we can feel the tension radiating out and hopefully, it will translate on screen because this scene is one of the first times they have physical contact when they both know that they’re attracted to each other.

 Which scene do you think this still belongs to?
This scene is during a training scene between Rose and Dimitri and Rose tries to catch him by surprise by jumping onto his back. 

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DhampirLife Dhampir Life’s Discussion: 

 He walked off ahead of me. Studying him carefully, I realized I couldn’t let the opportunity go by. I leapt at his back, positioning myself exactly the way he’d taught me. I had the element of surprise. Everything was perfect, and he wouldn’t even see me coming. Before I could make contact, he spun around at a ridiculously high speed. In one deft motion, he grabbed me like I weighed nothing and threw me to the ground, pinning me there. – Rose

Describe the quote chosen:
This is the scene in Vampire Academy where Dimitri pins down Rose. They also look like they are in the middle of practice.

Which scene do you think this still belongs to?
One of the many scenes where Rose does extra training with Dimitri. A little after this scene is also when Rose realizes that she is crushing on her mentor big time.

VAWorldwideNews VA Worldwide News’ Discussion:

“So um…you got any other moves to show me?” – Rose

Describe the quote chosen:
It’s a simple phrase that breaks a tense moment, Rose is trapped under her mentor’s arms, who she is looking at in a more than academic way and feeling all this energy. In this phrase we can also see the charisma and elegance that Rose uses to come out of the weirdest situations.

Which scene do you think this still belongs to?
In this scene, Rose is trying to surprise Dimitri by ending the practice with a surprise attack, but it wasn’t that surprising because of a war-like scream she did. Besides watching her skills to attack her mentor, we can also perceive her most deepest feelings toward Dimitri. We can see that is this one of the first times Rose is so attracted by Dimitri and we can feel hope (although a small amount).

FansofVA Fans of Vampire Academy’s Discussion:

Breathing became difficult for me, and it had nothing to do with the workout or my lungs being crushed. “So um…you got any other moves to show me?” – Rose

Describe the quote chosen:
Rose and Dimitri are training and Dimitri let Rose try to attack him, of course, she doesn’t succeed. When they are finished, she tries to take on Dimitri by surprise, resulting in her being pinned down by Dimitri. She then realizes how much she has a crush on him and how gorgeous he is. She wonders what he thinks about her.

Which scene do you think this still belongs to?
The training scene before the Queen’s visit.



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