PageToPremiere: Interview with Richelle Mead on the Vampire Academy movie

On Set Interview: Richelle Mead talks the upcoming ‘Vampire Academy’ movie with Page to Premiere



“We had the chance to visit the set of the film adaptation of Vampire Academy, and today we’re bringing you our interview with the author Richelle Mead! We talk about the overall experience of getting her book on screen, the cast, the bond between Rose and Lissa, and more.” – Page To Premiere

Q: Rose and Lucy’s bond is really one of the most captivating things about the book and one of the things fans love so much. I was wondering what do you think of Zoey and Lucy bringing that to life and how well they did it?
Richelle: It’s funny that you bring that up, because I just witnessed that tonight. I was watching a scene where Lissa is comforting Rose. If you meet them, Lucy and Zoey, they are just so different. They have these wildly contradicting personalities, just like the characters. And they just mesh perfectly. I mean Lucy, she’s just so centered and so calm, and just happy to be a part of it. Lissa is like that. And Zoey she’s just out there, she’s energetic and larger than life, and they just balance. They are the yin and the yang. They’ve got that going. Don Murphy was telling us when they did the casting they tested that. Those two read together, so that they could check that chemistry. I think they nailed it.

Q: We previously spoke to Danila. The way he spoke, he really seemed to understand and adore the character of Dimitri. I wanted to know what your thoughts on Danila were when you first met him and you spoke to him about the character.
Richelle: I was star struck when I first met him. But he’s so approachable and so easy going when you talk to him. You would never guess, I mean, he’s a megastar in Russia. He’s so friendly, very humble, very charming. He’s a perfect gentleman. I just love talking to him. We actually just talked over there and I signed a book for him and he had me sign another one for a friend in Russia. He’s been really great and he’s excited about the character. He thanked me for writing the books and someone who had spoken to him earlier was saying that he is excited for the way the story develops and the rest of the series if we make more movies, what happens to Dmitiri. I am thrilled he is so invested in it.

Read the rest of the interview here


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