Reactions to the test screening of the Vampire Academy movie


Last night, some lucky viewers were able to see the ‘rough draft’ version of the Vampire Academy movie. Here are some of their reactions. Please keep in mind that some answers may have spoilers and these are clearly marked and will link you to a separate page if you wish to see it!

*Spoilers are marked*

– Okay. The Vampire Academy movie was really, really good. Definitely a must see!
– The fangirls behind me at the screening were crying during Rose/Dimitri scenes! #booknerdsareawesome
– I hope it was worth the wait! You are going to love it ;)
– I was invited to this screening to give a formal opinion on the movie.
– It’s worth the wait. Trust me.
– I can’t say much about the movie, but it is very faithful to the book. It will give you all the feels.
– I will post a short post on the movie, but nothing substantial because the,movie is nowhere near, final.
– The Vampire Academy movie has cemented my love for Rose and Dimitri!
– There was tons of action and humor; I believe that it’s an extremely accessible film for newcomers ;)
– Hmm I loved the fights against the Strigoi, but not the look of the creatures themselves.are going to change the look of them. Some of the special effects are going to be fixed for the final movie.

– Read more viewer reactions below the break –

– Just went to a movie screening.for a new movie coming out called Vampire Academy. WOW it was really good
– I loved the whole thing its hard to pick just one part. MUCH better than expected. loved all the characters!!!
– I liked Dimitri’s character. Good acting. I enjoyed the action
– It was really good and suspenseful. didn’t just have one favorite part. its a must see!
Was the soundtrack good? VERY 
Christian? Didn’t find him too sarcastic 
Lissa and Rose’s friendship? That was the whole basis of the movie was their super connection as friends 
– I don’t want to give the movie away with the Q&As but I will say the movie was better than they had described. DEF a must see for ALL ages
– LOVED LOVED rose’s character
Did you like Christian? no I did but he was more serious
–  Favorite character in the movie? Rose for sure 
If they made a VA sequel, would you go to see it? Most definitely
– It had no special effects its unfinished.
– Definitely not too much comedy. I think it hit the tone just right.
– The lust charm scene was one of my favorites. It was still the scene we all love, but they twisted it to make it kind of funny too (duh Mean Girls and Heathers). It was obvious that it was a charm controlling them so their actions were exaggerated. It was perfect.
– Danila was great as Dimitri. I think he did very well. 
Spirit? They explained what it is and showed how Lissa used it. Especially with the shadowkissed explanation. It was good.
– I think that all the fans are going to be really happy with it. The audience loved it. Laughing, and it was the whole theater, throughout the entire movie. It really drew everyone in. Even this really tough older guy with his family enjoyed it. 
– A fair amount yes, just for movie “drama” and of course lines that are in the book aren’t in the movie etc. I don’t wanna spoil anything! re: new added scenes
– Wasn’t a fan of Sami’s acting for Mia so the punch shut her up. And the sound effect was awesome lol.
– Blood whores was glazed over tbh but everyone got the drift.
– They make the mythology very clear. It’s mostly done by Rose narrating it so you’re “caught up” on everyone’s roles and how the academy works. When it came to Moroi powers it was more of a quick overview, like hey, there’s four elements Moroi can control then Spirit was more focused on because of Lissa & how she can do what she does with her connection to Rose….after some specific events lol. And once Lissa declares it as her magic you kinda get another quick overview on what Spirit is. :D
What about the lust charm scene? How was it? Answer 
Were Rose and Dimitri naked or just half naked? Answer 
– How was Sarah as NatalieAnswer
– Did Lissa get with Aaron like she did in the book? Answer 
How was the ankle/hospital scene? I know they cut out the lipgloss, but does Dimitri give something else to rose? and does the hug and the almost-kiss happen in that scene too, like in the books? Answer 
When the girls arrived back at the academy did they go through the main corridoor so everyone saw them just like in the book? Answer
I really, really want to know: does Dimitri say to Rose “If I let myself love you, I won’t throw myself in front of her, I’ll throw myself in front of you”? I need this in the movie omg! Answer
– Does the movie emphasize that rose wasn’t ready to fight a strigoi?? I’ve been a little nervous because we know she trains with a stake in the movie so I’m just hoping that they do get the point across that she totally wasn’t ready?? Answer
Full write up post of the Vampire Academy screening HERE (with *SPOILERS*)
– Went to a test screening of Vampire Academy. Kind of awesome seeing a movie that doesn’t have all it’s CGI done. I’m a nerd like that.
– I really liked it! I haven’t read the books yet, but they’ve been on my “to read” list for a few years now.
– I really loved Rose and Dimitri’s chemistry. Just all around an interesting take on vampire lore.
What did they need CGI for? Just stuff like location shots mostly. Where they hadn’t completed the terrain around the school on the pan out. 
What do you think about the special effects in the film? They weren’t completed yet so I can’t really say. I’m sure they’ll be great once the movie is completed. – re: the special effects
– Yeah they did. They looked cool so far. – re: vampire powers in the film
– I liked Christian. He was tortured but sweet I think. Dimitri/Rose were my favorites though.
– Definitely not too much comedy. I think it hit the tone just right.

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