Fangirlish – New Vampire Academy Interview with Danila


Fangirlish visited the Vampire Academy set in London earlier in the year. Here is their interview with Danila!

Q: Can we start with a basic introduction to your character and how you fit into the story?

Danila: My character, Dmitri. He’s a Russian first of all, but he has been living and working in America for a long time. I would say he’s Russian – he has a Russian character – Russian heart, Russian soul. For me Dmitri is a mystery person, mystery character. Do you know what I mean? Because he is listening to old music for example. He is reading cowboy books, he is wearing long trench coat. I would say he has old soul. But he is 24 years old, he is very young man. His mystery is very attractive to me. Very attractive, but not for me only.

Q: Dmitri is a self composed character, but underneath he has so many layers and so many things that Rose uncovers and things like that. I wanted to see for you – what did you take from your previous work that you applied to your role as Dmitri?

Danila: Good question. Dmitri is almost perfect. It’s quite hard to be like Dmitri. So if I say I am like Dmitri I would not be humble. Cause unfortunately I am not a Dmitri, but I promise I will try to be more Dmitri in the future.

Q: How do you differ from him?

Danila: How do I differ?

Q: I mean other than the fact you are not a vampire.

Danila: Ya, of course. This is the main difference by the way. He is calm. He is very smart. He is clever. He is wise. He is wise, but he is only 24 years old.

Q: A lot of knowledge and experience.

Danila: Ya, absolutely. I think, I hope I have something in common with him.

– Read more of Danila’s interview below the break –

Q: You have a book there, are you referring to the book during filming?

Danila: Yes, I have a book. This is a special book from Richelle with her signature. But I have a book in my apartment in London for when I am reading something. It’s for inspiration.

Q: You referring back to the book all the time?

Danila: Ya, of course. Just some notes in the book. My notes, my marks.

Q: What part of Dmitri’s character did you love the most that made you want to play him?

Danila: So I told you the old soul. I love for example, myself, I love Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, Nat King Cole. Old music. I love his mystery. I love how he behaves with people. He’s respectful. I’m sorry my English..

Q: He’s respectful.

Danila:  Ya.

Q: He’s very graceful with how he deals with things.

Danila: Ya.

Q: With such a big, intense fan community behind it already, is that scary? Or does that make it more fun?

Danila: First of all the fans of Vampire Academy are amazing. They are supporting us very much. We are feeling them.

Q: They were very happy with the casting.

Danila: Ya. I am really very happy we have fans like them. Of course, I think, we are feeling a little pressure. But it’s understandable. But anyway, it is fun. We love our fans.

Q: Are you ready for the pressure for yourself from the fans, once the films released?

Danila: I don’t know we’ll see.

Q: You might be stalked by then.

Danila: (laughing) I don’t know, we’ll see.

Q: Get some crazy things in the post.

Danila: We’ll see. But I promise I will tell you.

Q: Write a book about it.

Danila: Ya.

Q: How has it been to work with Mark? How is he as a director?

Danila: Mark is amazing. He is amazing guys. He is a fantastic director. I fortunately, work with a lot of directors in Russia. This is my first English movie. First experience to work with an American director, but he is absolutely amazing. He is very, very smart. He exactly knows what he wants and that is very important. He has fantastic imagination. He creates sometimes unbelievable things. He’s amazing. I love him.

Q: Is he fun?

Danila: I am very, it’s big fun to work with him. I am very happy that I am working with him.

Q: Do you improvise? Do you stick straight to the script?

Danila: Of course we have a script. Script is important thing. But script is not law. It’s not a big rule you must follow the script. Of course it’s like a way. But for example, after we have done some takes of a scene, he gives me an opportunity to do whatever I want. He says, “Okay my friend, this is your take. Do everything that you want.” And I will do it. It’s great.

Q: It’s great to have that freedom, then obviously you can compare version, can’t you?

Danila: Ya,of course.

Q: What’s your favorite scene from the book, with Dmitri?

Danila: My favorite scene in the book. I have a lot of favorite scenes. Of course love charm scene is one of my favorites. Because I am a man. It’s understandable. I love the last scene in conversation between Rose and Dmitri. I love what is happening between Rose and Dmitri.

Q: It’s a very unique relationship.

Danila: You are right, absolutely. Very unique love story.



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