Danila for Glamour Magazine Russia (Interview + Scans)

Recently, Danila was named the Man of The Year by Glamour Magazine Russia. Here are the scans, BTS photoshoot video and full interview.


Your hero in the film “the Legend 17″ is a super positive person, men should be like him, and women would fall in love with him. But actors are always saying that they are more interested in playing villains.
I find it easier to play the villain in that sense. He has cynicism, brutality, wicked irony, he has no sympathy. All of this is easier to play than sincerity, honesty and love. Oddly enough an actor should spare no effort so that these qualities can be credible, for such character to seem alive. But indeed everything depends on the script. When a good scenario falls into the hands of the artist, it’s like a present. Because today an interesting living history is a big rarity. It happens that a producer offers the artist the role of villain, the person begins to read the script, and it’s just stupid and boring.

Who is more interesting for you in life? Everyone says that women love bastards. Maybe it should be?
I ask this question, but in fact we are so arranged that a lot of the good and bad are mixed in us. Perhaps we are interested to see the same complex characters in movies, in life. We want to see real people who we can find in all manifestations.

– Read more of the interview below + Scans + Video –

Will you allow yourself to be bad sometimes?
That means authorize? There are moments when I manifest myself, to put it mildly, not in the most correct and beautiful way. But this is understandable from the point of view of a living person. But this is almost always inadmissible.

You took part in “Vampire Academy”. The blockbuster which will be released very soon. What are your impressions from the American film production?
It is a powerful industry, professional and very talented. This is one of the superpowers in the cinema world. Americans produce a tremendous amount of good films and TV series every year. But half of them doesn’t reach us, unfortunately. The experience was, for me, not simple in many aspects because it was still my first role in English. I relaxed only when i was alone at the hotel. But I had to prepare for the next day of filming. Our shooting lasted for twelve, sometimes fourteen hours a day for a few months. But it was an absolutely amazing experience in all aspects: in the professional sense and in dealing with wonderful actors and filmmakers.

Are you interested in America only from a professional point of view?
This is a fascinating country, which is interesting from all points of view. Unfortunately, there is a strange, stupid and ugly, anti-American rhetoric from us. Our government promotes it. Recently, it has increased. People who have never been in the United States operate stereotypes, as if all the Russian people is sincere and direct, and the Americans with their fake smiles are insincerity, mediocrity and greedy. Sometimes I want to say: “Give me better than these hypocritical smiles than our very blunt sincerity, because it is not sincerity, simply rudeness and anger!” American politeness and cordiality is very often not flashy. Of course, there are not ordinary people in America as well as in any other country. But this is an incredibly talented nation. Otherwise they would not be bothered with so many people so.

Tell us about what sort of people disappoints you more.
There are the ones who lie, disrespect each other, the lack of culture. Fortunately I haven’t faced with such global actions as treason and betrayal. Maybe that’s why I speak about such things, which other people would say: “It’s not very scary!”

Let’s continue to talk about bad things. Have you ever been in an unhappy love?
It depends on what you mean by these words. People think that an unrequited love is when a loved one has thrown them. But I think that love can be unhappy when both love each other and want to be together, but can’t due to various reasons. It also has the right to be an unhappy love. But in general it’s a very complicated question.

Renata Litvinova said in one interview: “Love is pain” 
Probably. Maybe I would only add that sometimes it has happy shades.

British scientists claim that women need love, and men may live content with friendship and work. Is this true?
In this case, I am probably a very strange man, with a defect. Because I need love. I can survive without it for some time, and only for work, but then I start to choke without it.

Do you want your love to be one but for your whole life?
I can’t want what I don’t know anything about. It is too abstract. Yesterday I visited the fantastic people Leonid Zorin and Tatyana Zorina. Leonid Zorin is a stunning play writer. He wrote “Warsaw Melody”. He is 89 years old. We talked with him about love and he said, “I just need to know that Tatiana is next to me in the next room. And then I calm down, I feel good and I write well.” He said this so good and so easy… of course, I would like to have this feeling too. But it is strange to speak about it out loud.


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