VA Quote It: Photo #15 (Rose and Lissa)

 This week, we have Her Royal Guardian and Fans of Vampire Academy joining ‘VA Quote It.’ It is a weekly feature where fansites have to guess the quote that matches the still and describe which scene they think matches it. Please keep in mind there might be SPOILERS if you haven’t read the books.

Photo #15 (Rose and Lissa)


FansofVA Fans of Vampire Academy’s Discussion:

‘When we landed, Lissa and I had no choice but to let the commandos drive us out to the Academy. Our car stopped at the gate, and our driver spoke with guards who verified we weren’t Strigoi about to go off on a killing spree. After a minute, they let us pass on through the wards and up to the Academy itself. It was around sunset—the start of the vampiric day—and the campus lay wrapped in shadows.’

Describe the quote chosen:
Lissa and Rose are brought back to St Vladimir Academy by the guardians. There is the car behind and they are accompanied by a lot of guardians, so they are definitely walking back to school. In the book, Rose is separated from Lissa and talks to Dimitri but I guess, they come back side by side in the movie.

Which scene do you think this still belongs to?
It belongs to the scene when both girls are brought back to the Academy by the guardians.

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HerRoyalGuardian Her Royal Guardian’s Discussion:

“It probably looked the same, sprawling and gothic. The Moroi were big on tradition; nothing ever changed with them.” – Rose Hathaway

Describe the quote chosen:
The quote chosen above is the beginning of Rose’s description of St. Vladimir’s, when they have just arrived back. During the scene where this quote occurs in the book, Rose and Lissa don’t really have much of a chance to talk to each other. Whereas in the movie, it seems like the girls will have a chance to talk when they arrive back at the school.

Which scene do you think this still belongs to?
As we’ve seen recently with the release of the Vampire Academy theatrical trailer, this scene is when Rose and Lissa return to St. Vladimir’s Academy, after Dimitri catches them. The girls are being escorted to Headmistress Kirova, through the upper campus of the school.


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