Danila on the show “The Main Role” (November 26th)

Danila was on the Russian show “The Main Role” and talked about Vampire Academy and his theatre work.

Let’s be specific. There is a choice: on one hand there is “Vampire Academy”, certainly very interesting, a new project which gives you great opportunities. But on the other hand, there is a new, more significant role in the theatre. I can just call the name “Lopakhin” in Cherry Garden. Could you solve the problem?

I finished shooting for “Vampire Academy” this summer, and now I begin to rehearse for the role of Lopakhin. Time of rehearsing for “Cherry Garden” is February inclusive. Except for one week, when I go to Hollywood on activities related to the premiere. The rest of the time I’ll be focused on performances, because, firstly, it is “Cherry Garden” by Chekhov, and secondly, this is the staging of Lev Abramovich. I can’t share this time with another project. Therefore, I will be focused on “Cherry Garden” completely.
I remind our viewers that the excellent team of the old and new generations of the MDT Theater will play with Danila in this performance. Those are Ksenia Rappoport (Ranevskaya) and Liza Boyarskaya (Varya), and many others. But the question arises: do you have a fantastic sense of humor that you can “jump” from the image of Dimitri Belikov (I think that’s the name of your character in this vampiric story) into a much more serious and complex image of Lopakhin.
I didn’t understand why “sense of humor”?
Of course. I just don’t know how I can relate to this story differently. I don’t know the creativity of Richelle Mead, who invented the whole story.
I caught some polite and delicate irony in your words in relation to “Vampire Academy”. I want to clarify that certainly it is difficult to put “Vampire Academy” in one row with “Cherry Garden” by Chekhov. But this is so not because it is worse or better, but because they are fundamentally different genres. But “Vampire Academy” is a very interesting, fascinating and an interesting literature in its genre and its category. 35 million followers worldwide and on the toplist of the “New York Times” confirm this fact. And Richelle herself is very sweet and an interesting person. I managed to communicate with her during the filming. I only regret that it was so little. And this experience is very interesting for me as my first experience in Hollywood, but a totally different one. My profession is interesting because today I play the role of a dhampir from the new created world of a modern writer, and tomorrow I’m flying to Russia to concentrate on the role of Lopakhin. This is a unique opportunity. “Fantastic sense of humor” (as you said) means nothing. It’s just my professional happiness.
Read the rest of the interview HERE

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