Dominic Sherwood mentions Zoey and Danila


Just Jared: What was your favorite on-set and off-screen moments while shooting Vampire Academy?
Dominic Sherwood: Basically all of the scenes we did in the attic were amazing. Firstly, I got to work with Zoey Deutch and Lucy Fry very closely when we were filming those scenes, which was great! On top of that, I auditioned with those scenes so it was nice to actually get to set and see what the attic really looked like, it was all very exciting. Some of the stuff we did with the ending was pretty amazing as well. We were on the grounds of this beautiful house and there was a helicopter and fire, it was all really cool. As for off-screen moments, we had a lot of fun as a cast very early on. We actually went out for a meet-and-greet dinner before we started filming, and we all ended up becoming very close. We all would go out every weekend we had free, so I don’t think I could pick just one moment. Just spending time with them was great. Honestly, I’ve made friends that I think I’ll have for life.
JJ: Describe each of your co-stars in one word.
JJ: Zoey Deutch?
DS: Energetic.
JJ: Danila Kozlovsky?
DS: Fun.
JJ: If you were to put the Vampire Academy characters into the Hunger Games arena, who do you think would survive? How about the cast members themselves?
DS: Oh, good one! The characters who I think would survive are: Rose [Zoey Deutch], Dimitri [Danila Kozlovsky], and Alberta [Dominique Tipper], they would all survive. As for the people who would survive: Cameron Monaghan, Danila Kozlovsky, and Zoey Deutch. Definitely not me and Lucy! We’d be long gone, I don’t think we could do it. (laughs)

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