Teen – 10 EXCLUSIVE Zoey Deutch Secrets You NEED to Know



Zoey’s interview with Teen has her talking what she fangirls over, what she thinks of her fanbase name and about VA!

She Fangirls Over…Anchorman?!
When we asked what she fangirls over, she said, “It’s not YA, but Anchorman. I am a very, very avid Anchorman fan. I’m just putting it out into the universe,” adding, “I was in Atlanta for some reason, and they were filming it there and I almost tried to sneak onto the set. And someone had to tell me that was a bad idea. I wanted to, but I didn’t want to get arrested. I should have tried to sneak on. I wanted that story. But it didn’t happen. Maybe if they make a third I’ll figure out a way.”

She Thinks VA Has Mean Girls Potential
When we asked if she went into making VA with a Mean Girls mindset, she said, “No, I don’t think so. I mean I think the only thing that reflects that is Mark Waters has an amazing sense of humor and he really knows how to capture that. He knows beats, and he gets that, and he’s smart about that. So in that sense it really translates, and is very similar. Other than that, it just, you know, it’s a very different movie. But Mark Waters is great with humor, so that is definitely similar.

She Doesn’t Let Pressure Get to her
Zoey was named one of Yahoo!’s breakout stars for 2014, and we asked if that makes her feel any pressure. Her response? “No, it’s so cool! I don’t know! It’s really cool. I don’t [pause]. Yeah it’s really cool. I don’t really think that much about it. It is what it is. I think the more you kind of like process that kind of stuff it might make you crazy or make you there’s pressure on you or whatever. But I don’t really think about that I guess.”

She LOVES the VA Fandom…
She even gave a little shout out to some of her fave VA fansites on Twitter! “I have like a whole list called Awesome Possum because there’s just so many, there’s one called Dhampir Life, which has a lot of awesome stuff. There’s Vampire Academy News…Zoey Deutch News, Vampire Academy Belgium. I don’t know, they’re the funniest names ever, I love it so much. So much passion.”

…But Wouldn’t Mind a Name Change to Her Fanbase
When we asked her “Zobots” she said: “I love all of them so much, but I don’t like Zobots. It makes me sound like some evil dictator. I wanted it to be like Zobos or something like The Zoeys! But Zobot, I don’t know how it stuck and I don’t know how to tell them that it really makes me feel bad and scare, like I’m some evil person.” She continued, “But I LOVE them so much and they mean so much to me. Don’t you agree that’s a little intimidating of a name? I’m a Zobot for life, like I run a cult.”

She’s a Fan of Divergent (and Shailene Woodley!)
We asked Zoey if she’s had a chance to brush up on any other YA content coming out in 2014, and she said: “I read Divergent and I LOVED it, so I’m super excited to see it. I haven’t [read The Fault In Our Stars] but I’ve heard it’s amazing and a phenomenal book. I’m such a fan of Shailene Woodley, so I’m super excited to see all her stuff. She’s an awesome actress.”

She Thinks One of Her VA Co-Stars Is ‘Perfect’
We asked Zoey to describe her VA co-stars in one word. Here’s what she came up with:
Lucy Fry: Sense of wonderment
Danila Kozlovsky: Perfect
Dominic Sherwood:Really great friend
Olga Kurylenko: So Sweet and interesting and beautiful
Gabriel Byrne: Hilarious
Sarah Hyland: So fun to be around, a total goofball

She Works Well With Her BF
Here’s what she had to say about working with her BF Avan Jogia on the music video “Opium”: “Oh, it was really fun. We worked together so much for like doing self-tapes and auditions and stuff, so it’s kind of, it was really fun.”

She’s Never Seen Back to the Future
Zoey’s mom Lea Thompson starred in the classic film Back to the Future, but Zoey’s never seen it! She told us: “I’m just starting to watch movies now. My parents worked all day, they didn’t want to come home and like, watch movies and stuff. It was never part of our family culture. We ate dinner together every night, and we would do the dishes. But we never sat down and watched movies together, I don’t know why. I’ve never even seen Back to the Future, I’m a bad daughter.”

She Can’t WAIT for VA Fans to See the Movie
Zoey told us: “I’m just excited for people to see it because it’s really funny, and it’s different, and it’s bringing new blood to the vampire genre. To the vampire vein, haha, pun! I’m really excited for people to see it and I hope people understand that it’s really funny, and really charming, and just like a really feel-good movie.”



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