Teen Vogue – Zoey Deutch Makes a Really Good Case About Why You Should See ‘Vampire Academy’ on Valentine’s Day


Her grand plans for February 14th? “I’ll be shaking in my boots waiting to hear how the movie goes. But you know, most people don’t look forward to Valentine’s Day anyway, so it’s fine.”

Thing is, Zoey has no reason to be nervous about the world’s reaction to her highly-anticipated flick. Vampire Academy, which is basically Twilight meets Harry Potter meets Mean Girls, is from the screenwriter behindHeathers, aka the single best high school flick of the eighties. Plus, the YA series it’s based on has been wiiiiildly successful (like millions-upon-millions-of-copies-sold successful). Oh, and? There’s been a big vampire-sized hole in our hearts since Bella and Edward faded from our lives, and this is just the movie to fill it.

Zoey, who’s every bit as outspoken and generally awesome as the heroine she plays, is clearly proud to take on such an iconic role. (Seriously, anyone who has read the book adores the character—and anyone who hasn’t read the book should do so immediately.) “She’s a badass, she knows how to fight, and she stands up for herself,” Zoey says of Rose Hathaway. “But she’s also a remarkably loyal best friend, and I respect her so much for that. I love that she uses her humor as a means of survival. She knows who she is, and isn’t afraid to show it.”

IRL, the 19-year-old actress is who she is, too, but that doesn’t mean she’s not without her insecurities. “Growing up, I was an attention wh*re, being the little sibling and all, but now that I’m an actress, I can’t deal with attention,” she confides. “I get really nervous when people are like, ‘I saw you in a trailer! I saw you on TV!’ Genuinely, my cheeks get red.” Another thing that separates her from her vampire alter-ego? The ability to blush.



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