Chapter by Chapter: Vampire Academy Chapter 18 Discussion

It’s the new year and we’re so excited to once again join the Chapter by Chapter discussion hosted by Her Royal Guardian. This is where we discuss how we think certain scenes from the book will fit into the movie, how characters would be portrayed and many more. This week we’ll be discussing chapter 18. 


Our Chapter 18 Discussion:

This scene starts as Rose wakes up in the medical centre…again, after being taken down by a rotted bench. The first person she encounters is Dimitri who tells her that she has been given ‘presents’. One of which is Victor’s gift, the rose necklace that she and Lissa had been looking at earlier in the shopping mall.

Since this necklace is so vital to the plot, I believe the movie will definitely have this scene, perhaps with a bit more focus on the necklace in some way. We all know that the lip gloss scene has been cut, which did make us all sad and I’m hoping that whatever comes before it or after it will more than cover up that loss.

After getting the presents, Rose is then sucked into Lissa’s head where she finds her crying and then later confronted by Christian. This begins to shed some light on Mia’s behaviour as to why she wanted to take revenge on Lissa so badly. And then out of the blue, Christian kisses Lissa. We all know that this is one of many attic scenes but I think this will be in the movie since it is attached to important information about Mia. Confused, angry and with a whole mash up of emotions, Lissa begins to cut herself. Since cutting is very personal, it might not be as graphic on screen, or even eradicated all together.

Must have quotes:
1.  “I don’t believe in angels,” I told him. “I believe in what I can do for myself.” – Rose
2. “God. People live or die at your command now, Your Highness.” – Christian
3. Like is when you date a big, blond moron and laugh at his stupid jokes.” – Christian

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