Chapter by Chapter: Vampire Academy Chapter 20 Discussion

We’re so excited to once again join the Chapter by Chapter discussion hosted by Her Royal Guardian. This is where we discuss how we think certain scenes from the book will fit into the movie, how characters would be portrayed and many more. This week we’ll be discussing chapter 20. 


Our Chapter 20 Discussion:

Everything is finally coming to light, Jesse and Ralf (or Ray, in the movie) has admitted that they both slept with Mia so that in exchange, they would help her spread gossip and lies around about Rose and Lissa. Mason had made them both agree to spread around that the lies about Rose and Lissa weren’t true. What an accomplishment! Finally. But alas, no, Mia suddenly finds out about it and confronts Lissa, making them lots of people aware that Lissa is a cutter and therefore, causing our dear Rose to deck her in the face–hard.

We’ve seen this scene in one of the newly released clips, in which Sami Gayle, who portrays Mia, humorously spouts off, “Why were you in the hospital? Herpes? Pregnant? Maybe your baby has herpes.” which does change the dialogue from the book to the movie. Another thing we also noticed was that in the book, Christian was seen lurking around in the shadows, never coming into contact with anyone at the dance.

However, in the trailer–and subsequently, that clip, we see Christian and Lissa dancing just before Mia comes up to confront her. Currently, we have no idea why they’ve decided to change that, maybe to make give Christian more screen time and to add some extra interactions between him and Lissa? No idea but it’s surely a good thing! For decking Mia, Rose is under dorm arrest and not allowed to leave. Suddenly, she is sucked into Lissa’s head and realizes that something is happening. Christian is hurt and Guardians have surrounded Lissa and appears to want to take her somewhere–and then, Rose’s mind blanks. Something compels her to visit Dimitri, which she was planning to do anyway. Problem is, she doesn’t remember why. Once they’ve both had contact, a sort of lust overcomes them and everything else is momentarily forgotten. We have seen another short snippet of this scene where they’ve changed the tone of it to something a little more hilarious. Hard to say too much about it though, we’ll just have to wait and see!

Must have quotes:
“You are so beautiful, it hurts me sometimes.” – Dimitri
“You guys didn’t both, uh, do it at the same time, did you?” – Rose
 “You…you got rid of that dress fast,” I pointed between heavy breaths. “I thought you liked it.” – Rose

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