Danila to attend the Vampire Academy press conference + talk show “Evening Urgant” on Jan 27th


Danila will be attending a Vampire Academy press conference during January 27th where fans will also get a chance to have one of their questions answered. In addition, that same day, Danila will be a guest on the Russian talk show, “Evening Urgant.”

Vampire Academy Press Conference
TVSavr.Ru (Rough translation):
A press conference will be held January 27th dedicated to the upcoming release of the new film “Vampire Academy.” Danila Kozlovsky popular actor, performing in the film role Dimitri will answer reporters’ questions and will participate in a photo shoot. 

– Ask questions to Danila concerning “Vampire Academy” in the comments, share this post and win! 
– The most interesting question will be presented at a press conference, and its author will receive 3 promo code access to the paid section Tvzavr + (the best movies and TV shows on our website, no ads, unlimited access for a month). Want to – use all three at once,- Share with your friends :) 
The 2 questions that gather the most likes will receive one access code.
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Thanks to @kapsya72!

Danila to be guest on “Evening Urgant”
Danila will be on “Evening Urgant” during January 27th but the air date has not been confirmed yet.


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