Chapter by Chapter: Vampire Academy Chapter 21 Discussion

We’re so excited to once again join the Chapter by Chapter discussion hosted by Her Royal Guardian. This is where we discuss how we think certain scenes from the book will fit into the movie, how characters would be portrayed and many more. This week we’ll be discussing chapter 18. 


Our Chapter 21 Discussion:

The lust charm scene is finally here! Things are starting to get hot and heavy between Rose and Dimitri and just when they want to take things all the way, Dimitri unfasten Rose’s necklace and that compelling force suddenly stops. From recent clips we’ve seen, we know that the director has taken a more humorous approach to this scene. Dimitri can be seen saying, “This is insane. Insanely hot,” which to me, gets me a tad bit worried.

Of course, I’d love the movie either way but because Dimitri is such a reserved person, he definitely would NOT be saying this…ever. Even at the end of the series, he was described as looking “scandalized” when Rose made an offhand comment about things being hot with him around. This is one of my biggest worries about the transformation from book-to-screen. Because the necklace is now gone, Rose is able to think clearly and suddenly remembers that Lissa has been taken. But catch this, not by Strigoi–but by Guardians.

The very ones who are supposed to protect the Moroi. Of course, they soon release that those Guardians all work for Victor Dashkov. Then comes an even bigger shock. Victor wants Lissa to use her powers to heal him of his disease. This part of the book, we haven’t seen too much of. We know that they’ve added some wolves–Psi hounds maybe? To the movie and it sure looks like it has a bigger part to play in the movie than in the book.

Must have quotes:
1.   “Sometimes I find peace there, but not often. I find more peace with you.” – Dimitri

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