Transcript of Zoey’s AMA on Reddit (Jan 27th)

Zoey Deutch and Lucy Fry did an AMA with Reddit and answered different questions about Vampire Academy, Personal life and other questions!
Vampire Academy Movie Questions:
If you were both moroi, what element would you guys like to specialise in?
ZD: Spirit!!! Duh.
What are you most nervous about in regards to seeing the film?
ZD: So I’ve seen it and the final cut, and the thing I’ve been worried about since the beginning is its tone, because it’s so specific. I wouldn’t categorize this movie as a thriller or drama or romance, I can’t specifically pinpoint the genre, but after seeing it, it’s quite evident that the tone is consistent. the humor is relevant, and because of those things, that was what i was the most nervous about. so I’m not nervous, i think it has a very specific feel to it.
Apart from each other, who was your favorite actor to work with on this movie? And, Zoey, I hope you don’t mind me saying that your mom is super hot.
ZD: yes i know but when i was 6 and some random fan asked her to sign a screenshot from a love scene with Tom Cruise in All the right moves, it was mentally scarring because I thought she didn’t love my dad anymore…
Danila Kozlovsky.
 – See more of the chat below –
How did you prepare for the audition?
ZD: the audition process, there’s no great story for me, mine is just a boring audition process, but after getting it i was excited to play her because she is fun and charming. you know all those times that you wish you had the perfect come back? Rose has the perfect one liners written by the fantastical Dan Waters. so i was very excited to endeavor into that part. maybe that’s the wrong context for that word, i’m not sure.
What was it like working with Dan and Mark Waters?
ZD: They could not be more opposite people. Dan and I have the same birthday but not the same year!
What do you think of the soundtrack? Any songs not on there that you wish were?
ZD: one of my sister’s songs, funny enough there is a Haim song on there, and my sister and i went to school with them. I went to school with someone in Haim and my sister was very close to the people in it, and we hadn’t seen each other in a long time so it was bizarre and funny.
What quality do you guys love the most about your characters?
ZD: i pretty much said it before when I said what drew me to the role of Rose. She’s tough, funny, charming, the best friend you could ever want. I admire her loyalty.
Is it mortifying to be part of a adaptation that already have a massive fanbase?
LF: no, I think it’s really exciting to be a part of something that already has a life and take it into a new medium!
ZD: I agree. I like that.
What were your reactions when you found out you got the part?
ZD: i was very scared but i took that as a good sign.
Who was the funniest person on set? Lots of love from Italy girls :)
LF: Well Zoey is pretty high up there!
ZD: Lucy is too nice to be the funniest. Lucy is the nicest. I am the most ridiculous. And maybe Danila was funny to me, he was a goofball to me but he presents himself differently to different people.
LF: He has a way of being funny with everyone. you never know what you’re going to get.
I really admire your friendship, which began when you auditioned! Could you tell me how to burn the movie strengthened the friendship of you and what do you like in your friend?
ZD: time feels very warped in regards to how close i feel to Lucy because we have known each other for less than a year but we feel like we’ve been friends for more than a year, because we have spent so much time together for the best and worst times of our sanity. so there is a deeper understanding that makes it feel more like family.
LF: also growing together, i grew a lot during the filming process and to be with Zoey during that time gave us a friendship that runs very deep.
If you can take home one item from the props/clothes/things on set, what would it be? And why?
ZD: I’d take home the beautifully custom made school uniform blazer. It was gorgeous in person.
I’m 30 and I’m totally going to see this, idgaf.
ZD: yes you do!!! and for all the haters out there, you tell ’em. everyone will have fun! There is no shame in being 30 and going to this film, it’s funny, it’s relevant, and it’s a good time.

1 thing you LOVE about playing a vampire?
ZD: i loved the chance to learn how to fight.

What is your favorite moment between Rose and Lissa from the movie and the books?
 ZD: in the movie, there’s a really funny opening scene that really establishes Lissa and Rose’s relationship that I think is good.
Zoey and Lucy, How was filming at night?
ZD: it was dark.
Hi guys! I’m SO SO SO excited for the movie! How did you two prepare for your roles? Did you get any sort of special insight from Richelle Mead on the characters? Thanks for doing this!
ZD: well I have six of Rose Hathaway’s diaries, all the books are written from her perspective, so I had a lot of work pre-done for me.
What was the best part of shooting in London? (sorry if there’re spelling mistakes)
ZD: Well, come on I’m 19 years old and i get to film a movie in England for a few months?! It is the most amazing glamorous and exciting experience ever! I’m not jaded so I saw the coolness of the experience. I loved the people’s sense of humor too, in America my humor is bitchy but in England it’s british.
If the rest of the VA series gets the green light, which book would you be most excited to bring to life? (That’s if you’ve read them all!)
ZD: second for me i think!
Which couple you think is the hottest? Lissa and Christian? Or Dimitri and Rose? ;)
ZD: have you SEEN Lucy and Dom’s lips?????
If you could choose to be a Moroi, a Dhampir or a Strigoi (idk maybe you like evil), which one would you guys choose?
ZD: going to say dhampir.
How would you guys describe Dominic Sherwood in one word????
ZD: lovely.
Favorite vampire movie?
ZD: Vampire Academy! It’s amazing and you should see it.
We have a very talented cast of actor-musicians. who sang more on the set? Dominic, Danila, Dominique, Edward …
LF: Danila sang a lot.
ZD: yeah, Danila
Hey guys if you’re not play Rose and Lissa in VA , which character would you like to play?
ZD: Natalie for me.
Have you developed any kind of phychic bond? :) 
LF: in a way yeah. Zoey kind of knows things about what i am feeling and doing and we can read each other really well now. we know each other well now.
ZD: I would say yes. if i a guy is supposed to fall in love with me for a movie role, i don’t try to reflect that in real life, but in this movie my and Lucy’s relationship is mirrored by lissa’s and rose’s. a lot of times in a film people think they have to create something in real life, but we were lucky enough to have it happen in real life.
Do you think the rest of the series (we pray for all the movies) will be hard to play? P.S: Love you both :)! Hugs and love from Chile :)
ZD: yeah!
If you could pick ANY magical power for yourself as a vampire, what would it be? :) 
ZD: um, i would not have a magical power. Because i just feel like every story that resonates with me with supernatural abilities always has them wishing they were being normal. but if I’m being honest, reading minds.
Zoey, how excited are you about your new movie project “Midnight Rider”?
I am so excited, it’s a completely different project i’ve never played and the people involved are awesome. I can’t wait to act again!
Damn, ya’ll picked a crucial time to do this lol. Voting for the MTV Movie Brawl like craycray over here! Also, how AWESOME was Beyonce’s performance last night? ;)
ZD: I LOVE BEYONCE!!!!!!!!!!!!! I literally landed and tweeted someone send me the link of drunken love! (ZoeY)

Top three favourite movies. Ready…set…GO!
ZD: I don’t know!!! i always lie about these type of questions but i’m being honest with reddit today.

Which Mean Girls clique would you be a part of? I’d probably be a part of the “Girls who eat their feelings” clique. (I’m emotional and I love food) haha!
 ZD: I dunno what clique id be a part of!!
Holaaa Zoey! ¿Dónde aprendiste Español? Un beso! 
Si! (ZoeY)
If you were a man for one day, what would you do?
 ZD: write my name in the sand when i pee.
Are you introverts or extraverts? (I think all actresses are usually extraverts)
ZD: I’m super introverted, I actually never say my opinion. And that was just a lie.
Zoey: here is a challenge. can you name all your animals?? :) 
No! (ZoeY)

All I can picture is Zoey and Lucy walking away after this AMA, just saying “Well, that was fuckin’ weird.”
ZD: I’ve already said it. and p.s. I’m loving it

Say “Hi Brazilian Fans, We Love yours” please?
ZD: Hi Brazilian fans we love you please!
 How do you guys feel about your fans?
ZD: we love them! they are amazing and they are passionate!! I personally feel so undeserving when people say I am an inspiration
Hey guys! Have you all picked out your dresses for the Premiere? And how would you both describe your fashion styles! <3 Lots of love from India!
LF: India! that is so cool! For me I’ve always been really relaxed and a bit of a hippy, but now it’s exciting to get the chance to play with clothes and be more creative with it and for the first time i’m really learning to be more artistic and playful in what i wear. I have an idea of my dress for the premiere but it’s not set in stone yet.
ZD: where in India? I want to go! Fashion sense: I have 2 juxtaposing styles, one very sophisticated and then the other extremely bohemian thriftstore shopping, so complete juxtapositions of one another.
Zoey: how do you spell your Hebrew name? :) 
CHIA. it means life in hebrew!
Zoey have you seen Talladega Nights Ballad of Ricky Bobby? if yes, fave qoute? :) 
ZD: way to put me on the spot! i have short term memory loss i think so I can’t remember if I’ve seen it but yes.
 Zoey and Lucy! What do you think of Brazil? You have very dedicated fans here! We love you!
 LF: I have always wanted to go to Brazil!
ZD: me too!!
LF: I want to go there and get lost in the Amazon jungle.
ZD: brazil has the most insanely loyal fans. I always see everyone saying “Brazil I love you!!
Ya’ll are so young! I’ve always wondered as young actors do you tend to geek out over seasoned actors? Either in front of them or after they walk away.
ZD: I do! I think it’s a sign of respect. and you know who’s really good about that? Is Sarah Hyland. Sarah understands the importance of respecting fellow seasoned artists, and i really like that about her because there’s a line between being annoying to somebody and being excited to be around them, and i think it’s a good thing to let a fellow actor know that you’re a huge fan of theirs.
Hey girls! First, I want to say I love you both so much! And my question is what do you think about MTV movie brawl? Are you proud? :)
ZD: i am proud except for we haven’t won yet!! please keep voting!
Will you guys do a meet & greet here in NYC? :) :)
 ZD: there is one in new jersey next week? on Thursday at the Paramus mall.

Zoey, whats your favorite food???
all of it.
How’s it working with the legend Sarah Michelle Gellar on Ringer? Would you ever work with her again?
YESSS! She is a boss-ass bitch. She knows what she is doing and I am such a fan of hers. She was a producer she was playing both the lead characters, and she was pregnant while we were shooting and we didn’t know, and a 2 year old daughter, and always on her game. she is SO prepared. She is so funny and awesome. I would love to work with her again.
What’s the funniest prank you’ve pulled or been a victim of?
LF: I dunno!
 ZD: me either…
What helps you to dispose yourself for work and is there any music works that inspire you?
ZD: I get overstimulated by music unless I am focusing on it like i don’t necessarily like to listen to music in the background, it makes me feel too much and i don’t like feeling too much.
Zoey, would you kiss Danila on the VA premiere if we win on #MTVMovieBrawl?????
ZD: sure, why not?
In an interview with Sarah Hyland at the Grammys she say about you guys “They’re so beautiful, you just stare and you’re like [groans]”
ZD: says her, really? She’s like beautiful. She’s like a little doll…i have a big girl crush on her, i love her. and then you’re friends with them and you’re like I still have a friend crush on you.Zoey will you teach Lucy the wonder of internet? 
I’m trying to so I don’t have to take all the responsibility of tweeting! but i love her for who she is so if she is not going to be on the interwebs, she will not be on the interwebs.


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