BuzzFeed: 11 Things We Learned From The Cast Of “Vampire Academy”



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For those who haven’t read the book, could you tell us what Vampire Academy is about?

Lucy FryVampire Academy is about an academy with vampires! There’s three races of vampires; the Moroi, the Strigoi, and the dhampir. The Moroi are living vampires and Lissa, my character, is a Moroi who has powers as all Moroi do. The dhampir are the half-human/half-vampires who protect the Moroi from the Strigoi, the evil undead vampires, who want to kill the Moroi and suck their blood.

Zoey Deutch: So basically auditioning for this you can imagine I’m sitting in my room being like, “Moroi, Strigoi, dhampir, what?!” It’s very difficult, but not complicated; the words are just funny.

LF: It’s just the context. Once you understand that [the structure of the vampire world], the premise of the film is that Rose and Lissa are best friends, and Lissa’s parents die in a car accident and she’s really scarred and feels all of these dark shadows, and scary things happening at the school. So Rose protects her and takes her away from the academy, and the film starts with them being captured and taken back to the academy, and they have to face of all these things they’ve been running away from, including the bullying at the school.

ZD: Whilst also discovering what even happened in the first place because their memories were warped

Have you read all the books yet?

ZD: No.

LF: I’m almost there.

So it’s pronounced dhampir (dom-p-ear)?

ZD: Yes, dhampir.

OK, I was paranoid about how I was pronouncing it in my head while I was reading.

ZD: Yeah, one person has pronounced it as dom-fairy, dom-fairy-yon, etc.

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What do you love most about your characters?

ZD: One aspect of Rose’s personality doesn’t necessarily strike me as my favorite aspect of the character, but I love her loyalty to her best friend; that’s a wonderful message to send to young girls. I like how she prioritizes her friendship over guys, I love her strong-willed nature, and maybe perhaps most importantly, the fact that she makes mistakes. I find a lot of strength and vulnerability and I think by this type of tough girl not always being right and trying to deal with this just like any other type of teenage girl is, is awesome.

LF: For Lissa, the thing I connected to first was her sensitivity and that she has empathy for everything and everyone, even when she’s hurt by something. She feels everything, and I can relate to that, of being really affected by everything, but she always struggles to move on with her life no matter what she’s going through. She has a lot of demons, like her parents dying in a car crash, but she’s trying really hard to keep everything together, and the thing that helps her the most is having Rose as a best friend. Their friendship is really inspiring and wonderful, and Lissa values that more than anything because it’s the one thing that keeps her going.

Do you know spoilers about your characters in the other five books? Are you upset by anything?

ZD: No, I’m not upset. Also, I’m the type of person who needs to read the description of the book before I read it. I like to know what I’m getting myself into before I read them.

LF: I’m excited actually!

What’s the most embarrassing thing that’s happened on set?

ZD: I got pink eye my first day of shooting — that was super sexy. All the men loved me. It was disgusting; I had puss coming out of my eyeball and it was the Equinox dance scene too. I was supposed to feel elegant and beautiful, and I was just not. One time a moth came into the trailer and my skirt wasn’t buttoned correctly and I, um, flashed everybody. I fell doing a stunt and you could just see my legs. I was running backward — don’t try this at home — and I fell on my back and you just see my legs in the frame going wild.

LF: I just fell over a lot, like, that was my thing. Dom [Dominic Sherwood] and I ended up having this conversation about who was falling over the most.

ZD: The two most gorgeous people I’ve ever met are the clumsiest, can’t stand without falling.

LF: I would trip up the trailer or just like be standing there and fall. It happens.

If you had to give a superlative to Danila Kozlovsky (who plays Dimitri) what would it be?

LF: Best man (laughs).

ZD: Yeah.

How did you celebrate getting your roles?

LF: I went to Pinkberry with my friends.

ZD: This was during her very wild and crazy froyo addiction time, which has since ended. She fell off the wagon recently, but she’s sober now.

How about you, Zoey?

ZD: I’m very boring. I went out to dinner with my family.

Tell us a fun fact about you.

ZD: I have a Ukrainian alter ego; she doesn’t have a name, and most of my family and friends like her more than me. If I ever do anything wrong or bratty I usually just bring her out because she pretty much gets me back on track. You’re not going to get me to do it though — that’s a big reveal.

You don’t want to name her, though?

ZD: She’s nameless. She had a hard time back home and she’s trying to forget her past.

LF: My alter ego is called Dennis. He likes hiking and sleeping.

Zoey, how long did training take for you?

ZD: I think I took two to three months before the film and all during the film.

Do you feel like a total badass now?

ZD: I’m a little bit worried that I think I’m a badass, because I had wires attached to me and stunt guys helping me, so when I would punch someone they would be like, “Bleeeehh,” and fall to the ground. So I’m hoping that I don’t actually think I can do that, like, punch a 6-foot-tall man and he’ll just fall to the ground. I haven’t really convinced myself yet, haven’t tried it out.

Did you hit anyone by accident [on set]?

ZD: I was really, really nervous and careful about not hurting anybody.

What was your favorite scene to film?

ZD: I personally don’t have one; I would be lying if I said I did. The first that comes to mind would be a pretty quick action scene with Mason. I just had a really fun time doing that, even though I twisted my ankle that day and Cameron broke his hand. For some reason it turned out really well and it was a blast to shoot.

LF: I’m going to say the compulsion scenes, like tilting your head and doing their powers because it’s fun. The power of saying “You have to do this now” and then them doing exactly what I say is just like, yes.

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