Just Jared: Twitter chat with Zoey and Dominic Sherwood (Feb 6th)



What was the Vampire Academy premiere like? How was it watching yourself on the big screen? 
DS: It was an amazing and humbling experience. So great to see people who support us and the movie. I can’t wait until the next one.
ZD: The premiere was a lot of fun, and bizarrely not too stressful. It was so nice to see everyone again.

What has been the craziest fan encounter been while promoting Vampire Academy? 
DS: They have all been nice so far. Me and Cameron Monaghan got off the stage at a signing in LA, that was a little crazy.
ZD: More than 1 person has brought their child to a M&G to tell us that they named he/she after a VA character. Love those dedicated fans!!

Rose can see through Lissa’s eyes. Whose eyes would you want to see through for the day?
DS: I said Elton John at an interview and my Mum laughed at me, but imagine the people he would meet and the stories he would hear!!
ZD: I’ve said it before, and i’ll say it again, my desert tortoise. I’m convinced he can teleport and I’d love to know how that goes down.

Zoey, your character has a lot of nightmares. What was your most recent nightmare?
ZD: All I remember are my lines and sometimes my middle name, never my dreams or what I ate for breakfast.

What’s your favorite and least favorite quality about your character?
ZD: My favorite quality about Rose Hathaway is her sense of humor, and my least favorite would be her impulse control issues.
DS: His loyalty is my favourite thing about him. His loneliness is the thing i struggle with the most.

Did anyone play pranks on each other on the Vampire Academy set?
ZD: Not that I remember. They could have been pulling pranks on me the entire time and I didn’t know it?
DS: Yea all the time. Sarah Hyland got me good a few times. And I got locked in my trailer once or twice.

If your dream world, what other kind of academy would you want to attend?
DS: Ooo, Good one. Maybe Hogwarts…Or one of Plato’s lecture halls?
ZD: omg what if I answered “THE ACADEMY AWARDS”, then you’d have to punch me 900 times.

In a fight to the death, who would win – Rose Hathaway or Katniss Everdeen?
ZD: That’s a mean question. No answer.
DS: I couldn’t call that one. I think Rose has that kill or be killed spirit, but Katniss has a badass Bow. Of course, if Christian was there he would win *Pulls a disbelieving face haha*



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