‘Frostbite’ IndieGoGo Campaign


*Update: $68,279 contributed and counting! 

“When we reach $100,000 we’ll unlock another sneak peek of the script. You’ll never guess what you unlock at 1mil! It’s awesome, trust me.” – Official Vampire Academy Movie Twitter

Vampire Academy Producers have come back with an initiative where YOU can help to get Frostbite made! In a campaign on IndieGoGo, the fans can donate money and receive something in return! The goal is to reach 1.5 million by September 5th, and if we all band together and share it with as much people as we can, the Frostbite movie could very well be real!

How IndieGoGo works:

  1. You can pledge however much you wish – the money does not get deducted until the GOAL is reached.
  2. ANYONE can donate, it is open INTERNATIONALLY.
  3. Donate HERE

Pitch Video:

Campaign Perks:

$10 USD — Novice Package
Get the 411 during the production of Frostbite, including early casting announcements and day-to-day life on set. And like Rose, we hate to play by the rules, so don’t be surprised if we sneak you some early behind-the-scene photos or special messages from the cast.
$20 USD — Guardian-in-Training Package
Thirsty for a little more? We’ll send you updates during production AND a PDF of the script on day of release. You’ll be able to quote your favorite characters and scenes before anyone else
$30 USD — Royal Package     
Live like a Royal and be one of the first to see Frostbite with a Digital Download, while you read along with your PDF of the Script AND impress your friends with all the exclusive updates.
$50 USD — School Pride Package 
Show your school pride! Score an exclusive St. Vladimir t-shirt, Digital Download of the film, PDF of the script AND exclusive updates. Choose your design — or better yet –- for an extra $20 get both!
$75 USD — Dhampir Package 
Decorate your bedroom or dorm with an Exclusive FROSTBITE poster, a limited edition that will be created for this campaign. PLUS a Digital Download, St. Vladimir’s t-shirt, PDF of the script and exclusive updates.
$150 USD (limited availability) — Moroi Package
Just how big of a fan are you? Act now if you want to secure one of 250 Limited-Edition Specially Bound SIGNED Scripts with 6 photo prints from the film. It will be the crown jewel of your Frostbite rewards, which includes all of the above.
$200 USD — Behind-The-Scenes Package
If a picture is worth a thousand words… then a Hardcover Behind-The-Scenes Photo Book from FROSTBITE is priceless! This reward includes all of the above, excluding the limited edition signed script with photo prints.
$250 USD — VIP Package     
The film is called Frostbite after all… keep warm this winter in an Exclusive St. Vladimir Hoodie as you cozy up to watch your Digital Downloaded copy of the film. All rewards above are included, excluding the limited edition signed script with photo prints.
$300 USD — Guardian Package
Not everyone can show their loyalty with Molnija marks, but you can show off your own personalized FROSTBITE Director’s Chair Back Cover. Made exclusively for the cast and crew and YOU! All rewards above are included, excluding the limited edition signed script with photo prints. (Personalization limited to X letters and chair not included).
$750 USD (limited availability) — #VAFamily Package  
Have you been a part of the #VAfamily for years now? We believe that YOU deserve a credit in Frostbite. Don’t hesitate; this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to be included in the Special Thanks End Credits of the film! Take home all the rewards above, excluding the limited edition signed script with photo prints.
$4,500 USD (limited availability) — St. Vlad’s Package  
Do you have what it takes to be a student at St. Vladimir’s? Prove it with a featured background extra role in Frostbite. Walk the halls of campus, or a ski lodge or a mall… rest assure you will walk someplace! Travel and lodging are not provided, but you will get an authentic set experience, meet the cast and exercise your acting skills. Location is TBD, but we anticipate shooting in Europe or Australia. All rewards included. *Pending Visa and Work Permit Approval
$5,000 USD (limited availability) — Friends Forever Package  
How could you go to St. Vlad’s without your BFF? Same deal as above, but you can bring your best friend with you! Rose and Lissa would approve. Travel and lodging are not provided, but you will get an authentic set experience, meet the cast and exercise your acting skills. Location is TBD, but we anticipate shooting in Europe or Australia. All rewards included. *Pending Visa and Work Permit Approval
$10,000 USD — Queen Bee Package
Repeat after me, “Hi, Adrian.” Two lucky fans will spend the day on set, meet the cast and have a walk on part with lines. Dreams do come true! Travel not included. Location is TBD, but we anticipate shooting in Europe or Austalia. All rewards included. *Pending Visa and Work Permit Approval
As an incentive, OVAM released this sneak peek of the Frostbite Script; Hello Adrian!

NTDaily: Zoey Deutch, Lucy Fry & Dominic Sherwood Sink Their Teeth Into ‘Vampire Academy’


Vampire Academy is founded on a hugely popular series, so there’s no doubt that being a part of this film is a real big deal. I wanted to ask, because this is such a big deal, what was the best advice you received before signing on to this and who was it from?

Dominic Sherwood: “That’s a good one.”

Zoey Deutch: “Ooh, what’s the best advice we received?”

Sherwood: “Yeah, to handle all the pressure.”

Deutch: “Don’t have any expectations because you’ll be disappointed either way.”

Sherwood: “Who told you that?”

Deutch: “Zoey Deutch.”

Sherwood: “Zoey Deutch?”

Deutch: “No [Laughs]. My mother told me that.”

Lucy Fry: “For me, it was if people don’t like the film then it’s just not for them. In the end, it has to be something that you did for you. My friend Christina told me that I believe.”

Sherwood: “Yeah, mine is kind of similar. It was said by one of my best friends. He said individuality is key to art— a lot of people won’t like something. But hopefully, for every one person who didn’t like it, there will be two or three people who did like it. And that’s what is important— finding the light and shade in all of it.

All of the characters you portray have a certain vulnerability about them. Was it hard to tune into the darker side of your characters?

Fry: “I think it was really fun to get the chance to play with a darkness in the characters because that contradiction and juxtaposition of the light and shade is what makes the character interesting. I really enjoyed that exploration and the challenge of facing those darker places to get to the other places.”

Sherwood: “I am very much with Lucy on this. I think it’s very cathartic to go through and explore feelings and emotions that are quite dark and kind of reflect your own self. It can feel quite good afterwards. I enjoyed the challenge.”

Deutch: “Fans who’ve read the series and know Rose Hathaway will label her, right off the bat, as strong. There are normal things — insights to her vulnerability that are perhaps the most important in her character development, like when she’s wrong. She’s the heroine, the narrator and is supposed to be the decision maker and sometimes the decisions she makes are wrong. I really appreciate that human side to her.”

Obviously, when you create a movie that is based on a novel, filmmakers have to make certain cuts and changes to the source material to kind of spice things up a bit and make the material work as a movie. If someone were to make a movie about your life, what sorts of cuts do you think people would make?

Deutch: “Well, that would be the most boring film of all-time for my life. There are not enough interesting things in my life to make an entire story out of. It would be a boring movie.”

Oh, I highly doubt that.

Deutch: [Laughs]

Sherwood: “They would have to cut a lot of my nights out in central London. I think that would have to go.”

Fry: “Oh, God. Probably all my time walking around trees or something like that. I bet that would be boring [Laughs].

If Dimitri and Christian were to take Rose and Lissa on a double date, what would they do and where would they go?

Sherwood: “Oh, good question. I think Christian would take them to some weird, dark poetry reading.”

Fry: “Lissa would love that.”

Sherwood: “Yes. Lissa would love that. But I think Dimitri would take them to some big, sprawling and really expensive place to kind of show Rose how much she means to him. That’s what I think— some cross between those two. Rose would hate the poetry though“

Deutch: “Imagine all of our characters in a pottery making class [Laughs]. That would a phenomenal scene.”

Fry: “We should do that as a cutaway scene.”

Sherwood: “We should. We’ll have to have a talk with our director, Mark Waters, about it.”

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Just Jared: Twitter chat with Zoey and Dominic Sherwood (Feb 6th)



What was the Vampire Academy premiere like? How was it watching yourself on the big screen? 
DS: It was an amazing and humbling experience. So great to see people who support us and the movie. I can’t wait until the next one.
ZD: The premiere was a lot of fun, and bizarrely not too stressful. It was so nice to see everyone again.

What has been the craziest fan encounter been while promoting Vampire Academy? 
DS: They have all been nice so far. Me and Cameron Monaghan got off the stage at a signing in LA, that was a little crazy.
ZD: More than 1 person has brought their child to a M&G to tell us that they named he/she after a VA character. Love those dedicated fans!!

Rose can see through Lissa’s eyes. Whose eyes would you want to see through for the day?
DS: I said Elton John at an interview and my Mum laughed at me, but imagine the people he would meet and the stories he would hear!!
ZD: I’ve said it before, and i’ll say it again, my desert tortoise. I’m convinced he can teleport and I’d love to know how that goes down.

Zoey, your character has a lot of nightmares. What was your most recent nightmare?
ZD: All I remember are my lines and sometimes my middle name, never my dreams or what I ate for breakfast.

What’s your favorite and least favorite quality about your character?
ZD: My favorite quality about Rose Hathaway is her sense of humor, and my least favorite would be her impulse control issues.
DS: His loyalty is my favourite thing about him. His loneliness is the thing i struggle with the most.

Did anyone play pranks on each other on the Vampire Academy set?
ZD: Not that I remember. They could have been pulling pranks on me the entire time and I didn’t know it?
DS: Yea all the time. Sarah Hyland got me good a few times. And I got locked in my trailer once or twice.

If your dream world, what other kind of academy would you want to attend?
DS: Ooo, Good one. Maybe Hogwarts…Or one of Plato’s lecture halls?
ZD: omg what if I answered “THE ACADEMY AWARDS”, then you’d have to punch me 900 times.

In a fight to the death, who would win – Rose Hathaway or Katniss Everdeen?
ZD: That’s a mean question. No answer.
DS: I couldn’t call that one. I think Rose has that kill or be killed spirit, but Katniss has a badass Bow. Of course, if Christian was there he would win *Pulls a disbelieving face haha*