Danila’s Birthday Project: Birthday Video



Together with Kozlovsky Brazil, Dhampir Life and Danila K. Fans BR, we have created a project to celebrate Danila’s 29th birthday on May 3rd. We will be putting together a video for Danila that will include your birthday message or picture. Your submissions can include anything from saying a simple ‘Happy Birthday’ to Danila or creating a fanart.


  1. Your video message cannot last over a minute or we won’t be able to fit in everyone’s and we do want to try and put all your messages in there!
  2. When you send your submission in, make sure to include your name/twitter account + your country.
  3. If you’re sending in a video message, try and record it in english–if that’s not possible, send us a translation of your video if it’s in your native language.

All submissions can be sent to: danilabdayproject29@outlook.com
Or tweeted to:

DEADLINE: End of April

We hope you have fun participating in this project! It’s a great idea to share our love and support for Danila in his future endeavours!