Videos & Interviews

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Official Theatrical Trailer

Official Teaser Trailer

“Why we (Heart) Vampires” with Zoey, Sarah and Richelle Mead (Short Clip and Interview)

Set Interviews & BTS Videos

Entertainment Tonight (5 mins of Vampire Academy BTS)

MTV Set Visit

Penguin Teen Australia’s Cast Videos: Zoey, Lucy, Cameron, Dominic and Sarah

Video Interviews

Josh Horowitz interviews Zoey and Lucy:
Full Post
F—, Marry, Kill

Audition and Chemistry

Talks about male co-stars, Danila and Dominic Sherwood

MTV’s VMA All Access Vampire Academy Panel with Zoey:
Full Post
Starts at 1:08

NYCC (New York Comic Con) with Zoey, Lucy, Dominic, Sami Gayle and Mark & Dan Waters
Tweets and Photos
NYCC Video Interview with Zoey (Becoming the optimal Rose, keepsakes she snagged from the set) 

VH1 Livechat with Zoey and Lucy

Clevver TV interview with Zoey, Dominic and Sarah at Teen Vogue Young Hollywood

Online Interviews and Articles 

Yahoo Movies: Interview on Body Image and Rose Hathaway
– Teen: Interview with Zoey

– Fangirlish: Interview with Danila
– Danila on Russian Show “The Main Role” talking about VA
– Tribuna: Interview with Danila
– InStyle Man Magazine: Interview with Danila
– Glamour Magazine Russia: Interview with Danila
– OTR-Online Channel: Interview with Danila

Richelle Mead (Author): 
– Twitter Q&A with Richelle
– MovieHole: Interview on movie, casting and box-office success
– PageToPremiere: Interview on VA
– Hypable: Interview on visiting the VA Set
– Teen: Interview with Richelle
– NY Daily News: Interview on the VA Movie
– ShowBiz Junkies: Interview with Richelle
– Interview with Richelle
– BFTV: Interview with Richelle
– SheKnows: Interview with Richelle
DhampirLife & KozlovskyBR: Interview with Richelle
– Reddit Chat: “Vampire Academy” questions and more

Dan Waters (Screenwriter):
– Fansites Interview Dan Waters
– Interview on why VA is nothing like those other YA Movies
– MTV Hollywood Crush: Interview on “Nobody in ‘VA’ is innocent”
– CinemaBlend: Interview on Vampire Humor, High School and more
– Teen: Interview on the movie
– Yahoo Movies: 5 differences from the book-to-movie adaption of VA

Mark Waters (Director):
– EW & Sites (PageToPremiere, Fangirlish, YAH): Interview with Mark
– Huffington Post: Interview on VA and the legacy of ‘Mean Girls’

Other Interviews and Articles:
– Fandango: 9 Secrets of Vampire Academy
– People Magazine: Interview with Richelle and Sarah Hyland
– Hypable: Vampire Academy Set Visit Report


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