Worldwide Release Dates

Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters Worldwide Release Dates

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Italy: February 2014 (MovieMax Italia)
Slovenia: February 2014
Peru: 13th of February 2014 (Diamond Films)
Argentina: 13th of February 2014 (Diamond Films)
Greece: 13th of February 2014 (Feelgood Entertainment)
13th of February 2014 (Golden Village Pictures)
USA: 14th of February 2014 (The Weinstein Company)
Canada: 14th of February 2014 (eOne)
Poland: 14th of February 2014 (Vue Movie Distribution)
Cyprus: 14th of February 2014
Bulgaria: 14th of February 2014 (Tandem Film)

India: 14th of February 2014 (Reliance)
Turkey: 14th of February 2014 (Calinos Film)
Philippines: 14th of February 2014 (Pioneer Films)
UK: 19th of February 2014 (eOne)
Russia27th of February 2014 (WEST)
Belgium: 5th of March 2014 (Kinepolis Film Distribution)
France: 5th of March 2014 (Metropolitan)
Portugal: 6th of March 2014 (Zon Audiovisuais)

Australia: 13th of March 2014 (Studiocanal)
New Zealand: 13th of March 2014 (Hoyts)
Germany: 13th of March 2014 (Universum)
Brazil: 14th of March 2014 (Diamond Films Brasil)
Netherlands: 20th of March 2014 (Dutch FilmWorks)
Sweden: 13th of June 2014 (Nordisk Film)

Denmark: July 2014
Spain: 9th of May 2014 (eOne)

This page will be updated as more release dates are revealed. Dates are subject to change.

If you know the official release date for you country and it’s not listed, please contact us and we’ll add it on. (, @GuardianOath) 


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