‘Frostbite’ IndieGoGo Campaign


*Update: $68,279 contributed and counting! 

“When we reach $100,000 we’ll unlock another sneak peek of the script. You’ll never guess what you unlock at 1mil! It’s awesome, trust me.” – Official Vampire Academy Movie Twitter

Vampire Academy Producers have come back with an initiative where YOU can help to get Frostbite made! In a campaign on IndieGoGo, the fans can donate money and receive something in return! The goal is to reach 1.5 million by September 5th, and if we all band together and share it with as much people as we can, the Frostbite movie could very well be real!

How IndieGoGo works:

  1. You can pledge however much you wish – the money does not get deducted until the GOAL is reached.
  2. ANYONE can donate, it is open INTERNATIONALLY.
  3. Donate HERE

Pitch Video:

Campaign Perks:

$10 USD — Novice Package
Get the 411 during the production of Frostbite, including early casting announcements and day-to-day life on set. And like Rose, we hate to play by the rules, so don’t be surprised if we sneak you some early behind-the-scene photos or special messages from the cast.
$20 USD — Guardian-in-Training Package
Thirsty for a little more? We’ll send you updates during production AND a PDF of the script on day of release. You’ll be able to quote your favorite characters and scenes before anyone else
$30 USD — Royal Package     
Live like a Royal and be one of the first to see Frostbite with a Digital Download, while you read along with your PDF of the Script AND impress your friends with all the exclusive updates.
$50 USD — School Pride Package 
Show your school pride! Score an exclusive St. Vladimir t-shirt, Digital Download of the film, PDF of the script AND exclusive updates. Choose your design — or better yet –- for an extra $20 get both!
$75 USD — Dhampir Package 
Decorate your bedroom or dorm with an Exclusive FROSTBITE poster, a limited edition that will be created for this campaign. PLUS a Digital Download, St. Vladimir’s t-shirt, PDF of the script and exclusive updates.
$150 USD (limited availability) — Moroi Package
Just how big of a fan are you? Act now if you want to secure one of 250 Limited-Edition Specially Bound SIGNED Scripts with 6 photo prints from the film. It will be the crown jewel of your Frostbite rewards, which includes all of the above.
$200 USD — Behind-The-Scenes Package
If a picture is worth a thousand words… then a Hardcover Behind-The-Scenes Photo Book from FROSTBITE is priceless! This reward includes all of the above, excluding the limited edition signed script with photo prints.
$250 USD — VIP Package     
The film is called Frostbite after all… keep warm this winter in an Exclusive St. Vladimir Hoodie as you cozy up to watch your Digital Downloaded copy of the film. All rewards above are included, excluding the limited edition signed script with photo prints.
$300 USD — Guardian Package
Not everyone can show their loyalty with Molnija marks, but you can show off your own personalized FROSTBITE Director’s Chair Back Cover. Made exclusively for the cast and crew and YOU! All rewards above are included, excluding the limited edition signed script with photo prints. (Personalization limited to X letters and chair not included).
$750 USD (limited availability) — #VAFamily Package  
Have you been a part of the #VAfamily for years now? We believe that YOU deserve a credit in Frostbite. Don’t hesitate; this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to be included in the Special Thanks End Credits of the film! Take home all the rewards above, excluding the limited edition signed script with photo prints.
$4,500 USD (limited availability) — St. Vlad’s Package  
Do you have what it takes to be a student at St. Vladimir’s? Prove it with a featured background extra role in Frostbite. Walk the halls of campus, or a ski lodge or a mall… rest assure you will walk someplace! Travel and lodging are not provided, but you will get an authentic set experience, meet the cast and exercise your acting skills. Location is TBD, but we anticipate shooting in Europe or Australia. All rewards included. *Pending Visa and Work Permit Approval
$5,000 USD (limited availability) — Friends Forever Package  
How could you go to St. Vlad’s without your BFF? Same deal as above, but you can bring your best friend with you! Rose and Lissa would approve. Travel and lodging are not provided, but you will get an authentic set experience, meet the cast and exercise your acting skills. Location is TBD, but we anticipate shooting in Europe or Australia. All rewards included. *Pending Visa and Work Permit Approval
$10,000 USD — Queen Bee Package
Repeat after me, “Hi, Adrian.” Two lucky fans will spend the day on set, meet the cast and have a walk on part with lines. Dreams do come true! Travel not included. Location is TBD, but we anticipate shooting in Europe or Austalia. All rewards included. *Pending Visa and Work Permit Approval
As an incentive, OVAM released this sneak peek of the Frostbite Script; Hello Adrian!

Danila’s Birthday Project: Birthday Video



Together with Kozlovsky Brazil, Dhampir Life and Danila K. Fans BR, we have created a project to celebrate Danila’s 29th birthday on May 3rd. We will be putting together a video for Danila that will include your birthday message or picture. Your submissions can include anything from saying a simple ‘Happy Birthday’ to Danila or creating a fanart.


  1. Your video message cannot last over a minute or we won’t be able to fit in everyone’s and we do want to try and put all your messages in there!
  2. When you send your submission in, make sure to include your name/twitter account + your country.
  3. If you’re sending in a video message, try and record it in english–if that’s not possible, send us a translation of your video if it’s in your native language.

All submissions can be sent to: danilabdayproject29@outlook.com
Or tweeted to:

DEADLINE: End of April

We hope you have fun participating in this project! It’s a great idea to share our love and support for Danila in his future endeavours!

Danila will participate in a Coco Mademoiselle advertisement for Chanel

Danila Kozlovsky and Keira Knightley in the campaign “Chanel Coco Mademoiselle”


Danila will be participating in a Chanel Coco Mademoiselle ad with Keira Knightley, which will be released on March 17th! There will be a short film and a 30 second TV Spot commerical. All the details:

New story devoted to the fragrance Coco Mademoiselle, and it is also about love. Otherwise, it could not be. The video will not leave any girl indifferent, because the beautiful stranger with whom the heroine Keira flirts- is our Danila Kozlovsky.
The only pity is that the movie that will be shown on TV channels only last thirty seconds. But do not worry: the full mini movie with a thrilling story can be seen on the Internet. And while we say: that all was happening again in Paris, the most romantic city in the world.

“This fragrance has some strangeness, the mystery” – Jacques Polzh, creator of the essence.

The world fell in love with the fragrance in 2001. And since then, its simple formula composed of orange blossom scents, bergamot, jasmine, rose and vanilla, regularly gives the world a premonition of happiness.

This movie – the third collaboration of Keira Knightley and the director Joe Wright for Chanel (the actress also worked with him in “Pride and Prejudice” and “Atonement”).  And everytime, the heroes are new . And we are certainly glad that this time was the Russian actor, Danila Kozlovsky. His filmography is impressive: about 30 roles in movies, including Hollywood.

Thanks Kozlovsky Brazil & TwilightRussia
Source: Cosmo Russia

Popsugar: She’s Cute, Funny and Kicks Butt – We Meet Vampire Academy Star Zoey Deutch


POPSUGAR Australia caught up with the beautiful and witty Zoey when she was in town — we interviewed her just before she went to see a manatee at Sydney Aquarium — to talk about how this vampire movie is different to ones we’ve seen before, why she “understands” Lucy a lot better after visiting Australia, and why having famous parents isn’t the key to a successful acting career.

PS: What is it that sets Vampire Academy apart from what we’ve seen before, or what’s new about the vampire world? 
ZD: I think what sets us apart is that it’s more of a high school movie that a vampire film, in my opinion. It has such an individual sense of humour about itself, and doesn’t take itself too seriously. It pokes fun at itself without being a parody. That’s my favourite part about the film: its tone.

PS: Do you relate to Rose? 
ZD: Yeah, I do. I definitely think I have a lot in common with her, probably more so in the script than in the book. I’ve always been known to use humour as almost a means of survival, as Rose does. I’m very stubborn and strong-willed, passionate, curious. But one of the main things that I admire in Rose that is so far from me is her absolute, incredible loyalty as a friend. I have that with my family and my boyfriend, but not necessarily with all my friends. And I just think that’s so beautiful and admirable, to be that true of a friend.

PS: The relationship Rose has with Lissa is pretty much the whole film. What did you and Lucy do to bond after you were cast as these two best friends? 
ZD: It was very immediate, actually. I’m not particularly someone, as an actress, who likes to form relationships outside of work that reflect those in work, but it just happened. At the audition, I ended up driving her home because she didn’t have a ride, and then when we got the parts, the next day we were baking cookies and I burnt them, as Rose would do. And when we got to London [to shoot], it was pretty natural that our relationship was very similar. I have this innate feeling of needing to protect her, and make sure she’s OK. I tell her she’s confused and angry because she’s actually hungry. And vice-versa — she’s calming for me, and kind, and compassionate, and so not defensive, which is a huge problem of mine. You say one thing to me and I hear a completely different, opposite thing. So we have a very great dynamic. To have done this film and not gotten into one fight is kind of remarkable. We really get on well.

PS: What were the biggest challenges of the shoot? You had a lot of night scenes. 
ZD: The biggest challenge was that! It was exhausting. I don’t look forward to a time where I have to do that again. You feel crazy because your body’s not meant to go to bed when everyone’s waking up, and it’s light outside.

PS: I heard you weren’t familiar with the books before you got the role, and then you read some. Have you read all of them? 
ZD: No. I read a few.

PS: What did you think of them? 
ZD: They’re good! They do what they’re meant to do — they’re entertaining, fun teen books.

PS: And what do you know about their fanbase? 
ZD: Well the fanbase is what makes it what it is. The movie would not be in existence if it weren’t for them. I appreciate their passion, as well as their fervent opinions, as a fellow impassioned person myself [laughs]. Though I’m sure it can get a bit critical, I don’t necessarily mind. It’s their right to say how they feel.

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